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Qingdao Jinmao Harbour Shopping Center

Qingdao Jinmao
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Qingdao Jinmao Harbour Shopping Center

Designed by Aedas, Qingdao Jinmao Harbour Shopping Center is a one-stop retail, lifestyle, entertainment, sport and food and beverage destination for the community. The development, which was completed in 2017, is located on the western shoreline of Qingdao, China.

Qingdao Jinmao Harbour Shopping Center has five levels of retail, two levels of basement parking, and an outdoor stepping garden which links the mall circulation to the Seaside Promenade and the Skypark above the cruise terminal. The gross floor area of the development is 34,530 sqm and it was created by global architecture and design practice Aedas.

Qingdao Jinmao

The architecture and design of the development takes a great deal of inspiration from its location and has already been widely praised for its look. It received a World Architecture Festival Awards nomination in 2017, shortlisted alongside a global collection of shopping complexes. The palette of materials used has been chosen as a nod to Qingdao’s port, one of the largest in the world.

Corten steel is used as one of the main façade materials. This choice was particularly important to combat any potential erosion from the sea air as corten steel both physically resists sea air and gradually changes colour with time. For most buildings near the sea, erosion is an issue but this becomes a positive element in this case. Additionally, the colour of corten steel corresponds with the colour of layered shale in the area which inspired the design.

Wood is another prominent material and it plays an important role conveying a sense of harmony with nature. It also helps demonstrate the intent of the design and blends the development into the community. Finally, as the area was previously dominated by heavy industry, aging brick has been used to pay tribute to factories and workers that make up the area’s history. Many residents around the development are mainly retired workers from the factories. The architectural form of Qingdao Jinmao Harbour Shopping Center takes inspiration from the Qingdao shoreline. Strong waves have crafted a natural landscape of layered shale.

Like many new developments, a great deal of effort was made to ensure the shopping centre was built on a low carbon and sustainable platform. The result is a rejoiced urban environment where residents can live, work and play while staying connected with green space and ocean. Qingdao Jinmao Harbour Shopping Center is currently the only retail mall to achieve the China Three-Star Certificate of Green Building Design Label.

To achieve this green building design label, a list of controlled measures needed to be implemented during the design and construction stages to minimise energy consumption and the impact to the environment. The amount of exterior glass needed to be controlled and recessed to increase shading while northeast facing clerestories are used to bring indirect natural light into the interior space to reduce energy consumption for air conditioning and artificial lighting. The stepping garden is also strategically designed to diffuse the cold north western wind during winter and shield the adjacent green space for more suitable landscaping and outdoor activities.

The property is fully owned and managed by the developer which has formed an integrated operation manual and management team to ensure all parties involved in the Qingdao Jinmao Harbour Shopping Center are managed under a centrally supervised, standardised system.

Qingdao Jinmao Harbour Shopping Center is first step in a wider attempt to transform Qingdao into a commercial and tourist hub. It plays an important role tying that together and will continue to do so for years to come.

Qingdao Jinmao


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