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Move Your FRAME

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Move Your FRAME

Following a £6 million investment, boutique studio operator FRAME has launched two new sites in London. Located in Hammersmith and Fitzrovia, the sites were delivered by WFC and boast multiple studios, a retail zone and café.

FRAME Studios was born after founders Pip Black and Joan Murphy set out to create a more positive approach to health and fitness, something that was more than just the regular gym session pounding the treadmill. The first FRAME fitness studio opened in 2009 in Shoreditch. In 2012 the Queens Park studio followed with Kings Cross opening in 2015. 2016 saw the opening of both FRAME Victoria and FRAME’s first stand along Yoga studio in Kings Cross. January 2018 brought the total of FRAME studios to six when Fitzrovia and Hammersmith opened their doors.

Pip Black and Joan Murphy spoke to Premier Hospitality about their latest openings.


Why did you decide to open two new sites?

“We launched our first studio in Shoreditch almost 10 years ago with the simple mantra that getting fit should never feel like a chore. The plan was always to open studios across London, bringing ‘feel good’ fitness to as many Londoners as possible. Daily we get requests from FRAMERS to open studios in new areas so the appetite is definitely there for more.”


Why did you choose the locations of Hammersmith and Fitzrovia?

Both locations have undergone regeneration recently which has brought so many new businesses into the area. We have always been the non-gym goer’s choice of fitness so catering for the many creative companies there was a key driver. They are both also very accessible and close to many stations so are easy for people to access on their commute.”


What do the new sites offer compared to the other sites that you have?

“We’ve been able to have bigger studios in the new sites, which means we can have more people moving their FRAME daily. With each studio we like to give it individual touches and we have our signature feature walls which were all painted by hand.”


Have you received any feedback since the new sites open?  What do people think of them?

“All of the feedback we have received has been great. We’ve been able to reach a whole new audience of FRAMERS at both sites so it’s been great to see them be introduced to the brand. We have also been getting lots of emails from people who have never enjoyed or stuck to a fitness regime before who are now working out regularly and feeling amazing – that’s always the best feedback for us and is why we do it.”


What does opening these new sites mean for your business?

“It means that we are reaching new audiences and growing our brand. We currently have a growth plan ongoing of 3 sites a year so look out for studios popping up near you!”


The Fitzrovia studio is located at 25-33 Berners St, Fitzrovia, W1T 3LR and the Hammersmith Studio can be found at Unit 17 Kings Mall, King Street, Hammersmith, W6 0PZ.

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