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World of Wedgwood

World of Wedgwood
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World of Wedgwood


Located in Staffordshire, Wedgwood is a fine china, porcelain and luxury accessories company originally founded in the 18th century by Josiah Wedgwood.

In 2011, the company embarked upon a major redevelopment of its 281 acre estate. The result of this transformation was World of Wedgwood, which opened to the public in summer 2015 and operates as both a visitor attraction and a headquarters for Wedgwood and the other WWRD brands including Waterford, Royal Doulton and Royal Albert. World of Wedgwood includes a factory, museum, a tea room, a restaurant, high end retail, factory outlet and creative studios.

Brownhill Hayward Brown Architects developed the masterplan for the revamped site and design for the central World of Wedgwood building. Emma Cochrane, Associate at the practice, explained a little bit more about the work:

The Wedgwood estate comprises of 281 acres with the factory at its core. The original idea when it was planned in 1930’s was of ‘the factory in the garden’ The original factory had been expanded over the years but there was about 50% of it that was underused. We created 5 design options ranging from refurbishment to relocation.

The final design chosen by Wedgwood was a blend of old and new, utilising the best quality historic sections of the factory, with a new modern facility purpose built to demonstrate the finest of Wedgwood craft and creativity.

Two new separate entrance atriums have been created at Wedgwood, one for the office headquarters and one for the visitors attraction. The new office entrance is a particular standout, with a 3 story arched entrance.

Office workers are now located directly adjacent to the main factory floor, which they can view through a glazed wall. The purpose of this was to give the designers a direct link to the product that they were creating and create a sense of involvement to all staff.

Since completion, World of Wedgwood has proved to be a popular destination. Most notably, the work to transform the site was recently recognised with two RICS Award nominations in the ‘Commercial’ and ‘Tourism and Leisure’ categories. Emma added:

“It’s very exciting. It’s nice to go back and visit Wedgwood with the judges and to see it working really well. I knew the client was happy, because we’d already had great feedback, but to actually see how it was really working was great”

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