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Tank & Paddle

Tank & Paddle arrived on the London hospitality scene in 2016, combining craft beer with traditionally baked pizza. Initially hugely popular at its inaugural Mincing Lane site, Tank & Paddle has now expanded to further locations – Bishopsgate and Heddon Street.

Tank & Paddle is the most recent brand for one of the UK’s largest bar, club and restaurant operators, Novus. Locations are easily identified by their use of large tanks which store the craft beer and the paddles that are used to serve up delicious, freshly baked pizza.

Dakota House of Design were originally tasked with creating a design concept for Tank & Paddle and has subsequently worked on implementing it at all three sites. “We’ve worked with Novus for four to five years now. Our directors have worked with one of their project managers,” said Terri Naylor, Associate Director at Dakota. “We first pitched for a Tiger Tiger project and off the back of that we’ve worked with them since on various projects.”

“Novus had quite a clear idea of what they were after for Tank & Paddle. It was always going to be a beer and pizza concept with a stripped back aesthetic. We took this and developed it into a design.”

Each venue is very similar in look and feel but with small changes due to the varying changes in plan. The most recent Tank & Paddle site to open was Heddon Street in London’s West End. Bearing all the classic hallmarks expected of the T&P brand, the site has proved to be a popular destination since opening in November 2017. Terri continued:

“When you enter Heddon Street there is a large game board table feature that lots of guests can sit around. To the left hand side there is a shuffleboard area that is stripped back with tiles, raw timber and brick slips. With a combination of wall graphics on brick, overall the interior is quite rustic and industrial. It was previously a late night venue so there was quite a lot of stripping out required. We had to consider how we could get the large pizza oven into the building and how it would be ventilated. It was also quite a dark space so consideration re lighting was important .”

As well as completing another Tank & Paddle project, Dakota has more cause for celebration earlier this year when their work on Tank & Paddle Minster Court was nominated for a Casual Dining Award.

At the heart of any Tank & Paddle is each draught and craft beer offering. Showcasing the very best from both local and global breweries, T&P changes its tap and bottled range on a weekly basis. A particular standout is the Meantime Brewery fresh tank beer. Delivered straight into T&P’s own tanks direct from the brewery, the beer has no contact with air until it’s poured into your glass.

The laid back Tank & Paddle interior is matched by relaxed and speedy food service. Pizzas cooked fresh in the stone baked ovens can take as little as 3 minutes to cook and come with an array of topping choices. A menu of eight particular favourites is complimented by a specials board. It’s not all about the pizza though with Tank & Paddle’s Mac ‘n’ Cheese rated as one of the best of its type in the city.

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