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Slack workspace – An inspirational workspace

A reflective and calm penthouse oasis perched in the rooftops above historic central London streets, Slack’s new central London workspace offers an inspirational environment.

A Slack workspace is a shared hub where members communicate and collaborate. Smaller to medium sized companies will typically share one workspace. Larger enterprises will have an Enterprise Grid organisation made up of multiple interconnected workspaces.

Occupying the top two floors of a former BBC Radio 1 broadcasting building on Great Portland Street, the new Slack workspace was designed by ODOS Architects London Studio. ODOS’s careful manipulation of light and views combined with a rich, but muted, material palette has created an immersive space for business which playfully engages with its city context.

The 540 sq.m. workspace is designed as a European platform for the promotion of Slack’s business application.

New spaces are formed by discrete black volume interventions. An executive business suite, meeting rooms, phone booths, kitchen, workspaces and numerous ad hoc breakout areas create a suite of spaces tailored to the needs of the users and the specific operations of Slack.

The dominating character of the original space was the abundance of natural light and extensive views of the London skyline. ODOS Architects utilised this rich canvas to frame the concept for the new interior fit-out.

Occupiable rooflight portals form what the architects refer to as the ‘eyes to the city’. The reflective lining of the portals captures and extends the view of the London rooftop horizon and relays the movement of passing clouds, planes and the city’s birdlife.

Elsewhere an all-black link corridor with perimeter strip lighting serves to create a somewhat otherworldly quality and a highly memorable moment as one moves between opposite ends of the office suite.

The material palette and branding strategy reflects Slack’s own desired aesthetic; mature and timeless. An oiled oak herringbone floor is complemented by black stained timber and soft dark leathers. Planting is intermingled between the portals and spills from the upper to lower floors to further animate the workspace with colour and life.

According to Dave O’ Shea, Founder and Ronan Friel, Creative Director, ODOS Architects, London: “This has been another inspiring and immensely enjoyable collaboration with our friends at Slack.”



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