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Muraka Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

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The Muraka

Believed to be the world’s first undersea residence, The Muraka is scheduled to open at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island later in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Created thanks to a $15m USD investment, The Muraka is a revolutionary concept that will transform the Maldives experiences for travellers who want to be truly immersed within the natural beauty of the Indian Ocean. The Muraka, which translate as ‘coral’ in the local language of the Maldives, Dhivehi, is designed to blend into its environment. The two-level structure is comprised of space above the sea level and an undersea suite designed for sleeping under the ocean’s surface.

The undersea suite features a king size bedroom, living area, bathroom and spiral staircase that leads to the upper level living room. The undersea bedroom floor level sits five meters (16.4 feet) below sea level, providing uninterrupted views of the surrounding marine environment.

Muraka’s upper level features a twin-size bedroom, bathroom, powder room, gym, butler’s quarters, private security quarters, integrated living room, kitchen, bar and dining, which features a deck that purposely faces the direction of the sunset for optimal viewing pleasure. On the opposite side of the residence sits the relaxation deck that faces the direction of sunrise and is complete with an infinity swimming pool. The upper level also contains an additional king size bedroom and bathroom, which boasts a masterfully appointed ocean-facing bathtub, ideal for soaking in views of the endless horizon. In total, Muraka can accommodate up to nine guests.

The Muraka was envisioned by Ahmed Saleem, a Director at Crown Company and chief architect and designer of the undersea residence. Its construction has been overseen by Mike Murphy, leading engineer at M J Murphy Ltd., a New Zealand-based company that specializes in aquarium technology. The interior design has been overseen by Yuji Yamazaki, Principal of Yuji Yamazaki Architecture. He said:

“The Muraka at Conrad Maldives, the world’s first undersea residence, is one of the most exciting projects we have participated in. Collaborated with a Maldivian architect and the owner of the resort Ahmed Saleem and the engineer Mike Murphy of New Zealand, we have reversed the land-bound evolutionary history of life back into the underwater. In terms of interior design, the idea of bringing a luxury residence under the surface of the Indian Ocean directed us to avoid any signs of ‘utilitarian’ appearance that you often see in any underwater structure, such as a submarine.

“We wanted to do opposite of that. We used an analogy to the modern evolution of aircrafts interior that used to be a scarce cabin, now have capacity to provide luxury and comfort while you are 30,000 feet above in the air. This analogy led us to what we have now – a luxury and comfort while you are 16 feet under water. We are proud of what we have done to the undersea residence. As the technology advances, there are so many possibilities in this frontier.”

The Muraka is not the first undersea venture that has been undertaken at the resort. Ithaa, one of the resort’s restaurants, was the first of its kind when it opened over a decade ago. Located 5 metres below the surface of the ocean, Ithaa has won numerous awards and is one of the resort’s most popular attractions.


Image Credit – Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Located in the Maldives’ best diving and snorkelling spots, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island has created a space that invites and inspires with a distinctive design that flows harmoniously with the natural environment. The resort features purposefully designed villas and suites, 12 award-winning restaurants and bars, two spas and a selection of culturally inspired experiences set against the awe-inspiring Maldivian surroundings. With the introduction of the world’s first undersea residence, Conrad Maldives continues to evolve the diversity of experiences offered to guests.

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Image Credit – Conrad Maldives Rangali Island


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