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Rosina Cocktail Bar

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New Vegas ‘Jewel’ Rosina

Glamorous and glowing like a faceted glass jewel box, Rosina, a haute high-concept cocktail bar, recently made her debut at the Palazzo on the Las Vegas Strip.

Created and designed by Simeone Deary Design Group (under a consulting agreement with Gensler), this beauty draws breath from her fictitious namesake, Rosina, a prohibition era Sicilian socialite with a penchant for parties and living the good life. Equal parts charming and seductive, coy and vivacious, Rosina truly lives la bella vita!

According to Lisa Simeone, Owner of Simeone Deary Design Group, “When the opportunity to design a highly-concepted destination bar that would live within a busy casino floor surrounded by light, sound and constant energy, we chose to take a step back and approach our concept creation from a different perspective. We decided to develop a story that would give our client not only an inspired design, but a space with many underlying facets that would continue to evolve over time and create experiential opportunities for the Palazzo guests.

“As the Palazzo is based on an Italian Renaissance theme, we chose to create the persona of a dazzling Sicilian socialite and to really flesh her out – not only who she was, but where she lived, her mode of transportation, what she wore, her cocktail of choice, etc. Rosina became so detailed that she truly began to take on a life of her own. In fact, we became so enamoured with this concept, we continually referred to ‘her’ and every time we needed to make a design or branding decision, we would ask ourselves – ‘what would Rosina want? What would Rosina do?’

“From there, we based our program, position, brand and design on our Rosina. Defiant and glamorous, she herself, truly inspired our work.”

Rosina’s favourite colour, preferred mode of travel, love of high fashion, her ever present champagne cocktail, and of course, her affinity for exceptionally luxe materials can be found embedded throughout the jewel-like space. Fashioned after a private rail car, the bar features partial glass walls creating ‘see and be seen’ spaces, antiqued mirrored surfaces and faceted, glowing globes that delicately balance the play of light and shadow, illuminating the space from within.

Bold, brass Art Deco patterns on the exterior of the bar beckon guests to experience a moment of Rosina’s vibrant life. To infuse Rosina’s enchanting persona throughout the space, a colour palette of deep maroon, blush, jet black, and amber are juxtaposed with glossy black marble accented by warm brass tones, all adding a decadent and dramatic flair to the interior.

In describing the design, Lisa Simeone commented, “As excess is Rosina’s hallmark, the interiors are reflected as such with layers of materiality – yards of flowing fabrics, velvets and leathers, studs and shirring, boa-inspired wallcovering and jewellery-inspired furniture. Blurred mirrored surfaces and bevelled glass add sparkle, while a touch of romance is added through ambient lighting. Everywhere you look, the space is punctuated by the essence of luxury and allure.”

One-of-a-kind accents like a ‘Press for Champagne’ call button and menu holders that are reminiscent of cigarette compacts, down to a specialised craft cocktail offering immerse guests in the story of Rosina. As the night draws to an end, a hand delivered postcard from Rosina’s travels bids guests ciao!


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