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Bocca Bar

Bocca Bar

Bocca Bar

Located in the Polish capital, Warsaw, Bocca Bar opened to the public in September 2017 and is housed within a busy office building.

Bocca Bar’s design concept was created by the team at 370 Studio – Michał Miszkurka, Anna Sliwka and Katarzyna Westrych-Pavy in cooperation with the bar operators: Robert Przepiórski and Dagna Preis Przepiórska. The look and feel of the venue counters the corporate character of the immediate surroundings, providing a space for workers to escape and relax at the end of a busy working day. Bocca Bar was recently shortlisted for a Restaurant & Bar Design Award in the ‘Europe Bar’ category.

The bar is home to a number of standout design features. The long bar counter is particularly noteworthy, smoothly evolving into the table top near the open kitchen. The open kitchen creates a degree of interaction between customers and staff as well as creating a sense of theatre. You can watch your meal being created and establish contact with the cooks. At the heart of the space is a fireplace, comfy armchairs and a spectacular lamp. Quality materials have been used throughout but give the impression of being slightly worn-out. Many were commissioned and created by local craftsmen. Together, these elements have combined to create a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Work to create the bar began in November 2016. The fit out and the concept of the space were finished at the end of December 2016.

370 Studio has previously worked on a number of hospitality projects, including a Mexican restaurant called La Sirena. It was this work that prompted Bocca Bar owners Robert Przepiórski and Dagna Preis Przepiórska to work on their new venture. Although the project had a completely different brief and style to La Sirena, Robert and Dagna liked 370 Studio’s ideas.

A spokesperson for 370 Studio commented:

“The feedback is very positive. The clients, who are mostly the businessmen and the office workers, appreciate that they have an extraordinary place that combines great food and high quality design, which evokes associations with New York and London bars and pubs.

“It’s a huge challenge but also a great satisfaction when we can see the effect of our work. The bar and its design was very well received. It’s said that it changes the perception of this part of Warsaw. We are very proud of this project.”

Bocca Bar is an elegant yet unpretentious place, alluding to traditional English and American pubs. It has a sense of class and style – a venue that is open to all.

Bocca Bar


FAMEG UK Ltd specialise in the manufacture of handmade bentwood to create a range of unique and beautiful furniture. The company has been in operation since 1881 and within this time has provided furniture to a range of projects, including the award-winning Patisserie Nanan with BUCK.STUDIO, as well as schemes for Pizza Hut and B&B Hotels, amongst others.

Most recently, FAMEG UK Ltd has been involved with the work on Bocca Bar with 370 Studio. With this project, FAMEG UK Ltd manufactured a series of chairs, utilising their Classic Bent series, as well as their B-1234 bucket seats, to create a design which fits perfectly within this unique interior.

Adam Nierzwicki, FAMEG UK Ltd commented:

“Most of the models used in this project are associated with our factory and this is what makes us stand out in the market.

“Through the use of the recently fashionable velor in the role of upholstery fabric, we created furniture that boasts traditional shapes but a modern look.”

Adam added:

“At FAMEG UK Ltd, we pride ourselves on our long-term durability and the strength of our products. We maintain a timeless design and we have more than a century of tradition of bending furniture.”

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