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Kin + Deum

Kin + Deum
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Kin + Deum

A new family-run Thai restaurant has opened in London, adding to the increasingly varied food offering at London Bridge.  Run by siblings Bank, Roselyn and Shakris Inngern, who are following in their father’s footsteps, Kin + Deum opened on Thursday 19 July and is located at Crucifix Lane, close to London Bridge in Bermondsey.

The restaurant has been described as a ‘curation of fresh, wholesome Thai dishes combining local ingredients with authentic traditions, continuously inspired by the local appetite of Bangkok.’
Situated in a former Suchards site, work to transform the restaurant into Kin + Deum was undertaken by London based interior designers Maker Studio.

“Originally the site was a traditional London pub so one of the design challenges we faced was to create a clean and modern interior in-spite of some of the original pub architecture. The main thing for us was to counterbalance it and turn the space into a sleek and contemporary looking restaurant.”

Suchards is run by the siblings’ father who founded his restaurants in London Bridge over 20 years ago. With their father nearing retirement, the siblings wanted to create something different for the Crucifix Lane site.

As you enter the restaurant you are greeted with a timber counter which forms the heart of the space. The back counter has been designed like a kitchen pantry, surrounded by ceramics, kitchenware and ornamentals which where sourced in Bangkok.

“The counter is the central focus of our concept because Kin + Deum’s offer is an authentic Thai family experience. The counter acts like a kitchen table where you can come in, relax, eat great food and catch up with friends. This was important because a big element of Thai culture is to come together and share meals.”

The colour palette of the restaurant is formed using tonal shades of green, with accents of timber, rattan and brass detailing. Colour and texture has been introduced through textiles and planting with large silk canvases subtly referencing the fabric stalls seen at Chatuchak market.

“From concept, the client’s emphasised the importance that customers feel like they have been welcomed into their home for dinner. We felt this was a refreshing approach to the London dining scene. To help create an authentic atmosphere we used old family photographs throughout the space. The majority of dinnerware and styling items were sourced on the streets of Bangkok and form a beautiful backdrop for the contemporary menu created by Bank.

“As an interior design firm we enjoy working with both new and established names. We think every project is important but this has been a particularly lovely experience. We started building the concept with the team early on in the process, which allowed the design to form organically. It has been great to work with passionate people and help Bank and Roselyn realise Kin + Deum.”

Kin + Deum offers two menus that reflect the way people usually eat in Bangkok. The lunch menu is faster paced, like the energy in Thailand, where everyone grabs their own single bowl dishes or small sharing starters whilst they wait. All of the restaurants dishes have a vegetable and tofu option to reflect the growing trend towards plant based eating.

For dinner, the pace slows down to allow food to be shared with friends and family with a selection of dishes, usually made of a mix between different meats, some fish, vegetables and eggs. There is also usually a soup or curry to help soften the palette.

Kin + Deum is open Monday to Sunday from 12pm – 10:30pm.

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