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Room Mate Hotels

Room Mate Hotels, the Spanish hotel chain, is continuing to expand rapidly and recently opened two more venues in thriving European cities.

Room Mate Bruno launching in Rotterdam in July and this was quickly followed a month later by Room Mate Gorka in San Sebastián. Room Mate Hotels now operate 24 hotels around the globe and have ambitious plans in place for this number to rise by 11 before the end of 2019.

Room Mate Hotels was founded in 2005 by Kike Sarasola. The brand’s philosophy is based on the idea that the best way to travel is by visiting friends in each city. Each hotel has the characteristics of a true host and views customers as more than just guests – they are roommates. Room Mate locations are more like homes than hotels, which open their doors to travellers who come to the city looking for comfort, warmth, and the welcoming spirit offered by the chain’s excellent team of professionals.

Room Mate

Room Mate Bruno

Located in a 19th century spice warehouse in the city’s port, Room Mate Bruno brings to life one off the few historical buildings left in the Kop Van Zuid district, known as the Dutch Manhattan. This bespoke neighbourhood hosts the most important cultural activities in the city and has become an architectural reference in Northern Europe.

A complete renovation of the building has taken place, including the structural reinforcement, recovering the original architectural elements and even researching lost bombs of the Second World War.

Room Mate Bruno has been spectacularly designed by the renowned Italian architect Teresa Sapey, who has been able to combine tradition and avant-garde tendencies in a building that preserves its original structure, taking the visitor in a historical voyage through the Dutch colonies. Colour, nautical elements and Flemish paintings play a very important role in the hotel’s deco.

Teresa Sapey, Room Mate Bruno’s interior designer, said:

“It has been a pleasure working with Room Mate once again. This project has been very exciting, not only because of the challenge, but also because the history that comes with the hotel. In Room Mate Bruno we have kept the building’s naval identity, but we also wanted to take Spain’s sun, flavour and colours to the Northern Europe. I love Bruno and I’m certain that every person that gets to know it will enjoy Rotterdam in a very special way.”

Surrounded by impressive skyscrapers, instead of trying to compete, Room Mate Bruno looks to its inside. A new interior patio has been created in order to introduce natural light through all the floors and, specifically, the ground floor and the rooms around the new patio. This new patio has been designed by Teresa Sapey as a ‘magic’ garden inspired by all Dutch Indians.

Aside from the design and its unique location, every guest that stays with Bruno can enjoy Room Mate’s innovative services such as breakfast until noon and WiMate, free Wi-Fi not only in the hotel, but in the entire city. The hotel also shares the building with one of Rotterdam’s newest gastronomic additions, The Foodhallen, inspired in Merkado San Miguel in Madrid, which will have up to 15 traditional and themed food stands connected with the reception so guests of the hotel will enjoy of a unique foodie experience without leaving the building.

Room Mate

Room Mate Gorka

Room Mate Gorka became the brand’s first property to open in the Basque country when it opened in August 2018. Designed by the acclaimed interior design studio Cuarto Interior, headed by José Manuel Fernández and Germán Álvarez, Room Mate Gorka has 33 rooms, a bar, gym, meeting room and a breath-taking breakfast room.

Gorka intends on being one of the chain’s and the city’s landmarks, being located in the emblematic Plaza de Gipuzkoa in the heart of Donostia-San Sebastián. Rooms have been split into 3 categories – double, executive and duplex. Many of the rooms have wonderful terraces.

Kike Sarasola, President and Founder of the Room Mate Group, said:

“I am particularly happy with this opening. San Sebastián is one of my favourite cities in the world and Room Mate Hotels couldn’t not be here. My father was from Donostia-San Sebastián, my memories in the city are wonderful and it brings me great joy that Room Mate Gorka is now a another member of the great family made up of 24 hotels located around the world. As with all new projects, at Room Mate Gorka we have taken care of the finest details. We are sure that Gorka is going to become a new landmark in the city. It is the work of my friends German Álvarez and José Manuel Fernández, from the studio Cuarto Interior, and working together has been a real pleasure.”

The building is located in the stately expansion district of the city. This area was old marshlands and sandy areas previously unoccupied. This was an extra technical challenge on the project because of the low resistance of the soil. Also, the original roof profile of the building has been recovered.

Room Mate Gorka is a classic contemporary design full of contrasts. The building’s architecture and its location in San Sebastián have been taken into account in order to create a space that is in tune with the city. Simplicity and elegance merge together at Room Mate Gorka in order to create an intimate environment that combines contemporary decoration with neoclassic touches.

The project surprises, with a thoughtful, elegant, fresh, harmonious decoration with a classic touch. The details that make reference to the La Concha beach front promenade are a clear example of this, as are the glass panes that separate the reception and the bar.

Thanks to a careful use of transparent elements, some spaces are able to intertwine with each other. Moreover, this twist on the classic gives way to a modern, fresh elegance that has contemporary purposes whilst being reminiscent of timeless classics both in terms of the furnishings and the finishes and decorations. Cuarto Interior has given Gorka homely touches that create unique spaces in order to present a welcoming hotel with personality.

Many original historical elements of the building such as windows, doors or even a fire place have been recovered, restored and relocated in the hotel. Gorka invites to the guest to find out them around the hotel.

Room Mate

The Future

Room Mate Hotels continues its ambitious expansion plan; another 11 new projects have already been signed to add to the 24 hotels that are already operating. As such, new destinations are opening such as: Rome, Paris, Naples, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Mallorca and Lisbon. By doing this, the company is doubling in size, going from having 1,522 rooms to having a total of more than 3,052 rooms in their portfolio.

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