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Coal Office Restaurant

Coal Office
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Coal Office Restaurant

An Israeli chef meets British designer. A collaboration is born

Chef Assaf Granit and British Designer Tom Dixon are masters of their own worlds. Coal Office is their food and design playground – rich in material, style and flavour. Together they complement one another and push the boundaries.

Having spent the last 10 years opening award-winning restaurants, Coal Office is a new adventure and a dynamic experience for Chef Assaf Granit.

“Our ambition is to create sharper flavours and surroundings. It’s rough and raw but in a polished way. Our instinct was anchored by a single thought; to offer an active and engaged experience beyond just eating,” explains Granit.

Housed in the Tom Dixon hub at the new Coal Drops Yard, The Coal Office is on Regent’s Canal and Granary Square. This Victorian building, which follows the curve of the canal, creates both a challenging and unusual dining layout for a restaurant. Spread across 3 floors; the restaurant includes 2 outdoor terraces, a bar, bakery, dining counter, two distinctively different dining areas and 2 private dining options.

Coal Office will push the boundaries that brought Chef Assaf Granit and Tom Dixon together.

“Coals Office’s concept is distinct; born from a direct connection to the kitchen. A complete collaboration between design and cooking; this is an active and engaged experience beyond just eating. Chef Assaf Granti’s idea was to deconstruct the kitchen, with cooking and prepping across three floors and with everybody involved in cooking – from waiters to guests themselves. The result is a dining playground which is half kitchen, half dining. Each guest visiting Coal Office is witness to an entirely different experience – seeing it from their own unique angle or vista,” remarks Tom.

Coal Office

“Our goal is to constantly evolve and adapt the restaurant as new ideas materialise, with the intention to test more radical ideas in lighting, interior design and tableware in tight collaboration with the Chefs.”

Carefully curated, Coal Office Restaurant showcases the architectural beauty of Coal Drops Yard bricked factory style building, along with its distinctive traditional features whilst interior design is creatively crafted with the iconic ‘Tom Dixon’ trademark features, including statement lighting fixtures, crockery, tableware and stunning design features.

Design Research Studio, the interior design branch of Tom Dixon Studio, has honed a series of distinct environments that don’t fight the food, providing a measure of visual stimulation that doesn’t distract from the experience. A rich, but simple textured materiality is its main characteristic.

Helene Bangsbo Andersen, Creative Director at Tom Dixon Studio added: “The Coal Office opened to the public on 28th July 2018 – it is open for lunch and dinner, with breakfast soon to follow. Some of the site’s design highlights include the polished stainless steel kitchen and Sphere 8 resin floor on canal level, charred timber, blackened steel, marble and granite on the ground floor and Dinesen oak flooring and lava stone and granite, aluminium and concrete used on the first floor.”

The food offering is contemporary, inventive, Middle Eastern cuisine with ingredients and family style sharing plates largely influenced by Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Jerusalem traditions.

The wine list showcases wines from the Mediterranean and Europe exclusively. Nyetimber is the house wine of the Coal Office Restaurant, producing the finest English sparkling wine with vineyards spanning over 170 hectares across West Hampshire and Sussex.

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