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Gentleman’s Tailor

Gentleman’s Tailor

A secret at The Gentleman’s Tailor

Stroll past the unassuming new tailor shop in Leeds’ Grand Arcade by day, and you may be fooled. Walk past at night, and you are guaranteed to double take!

By day Yorkshire-based bespoke clothier, The Gentleman’s Tailor takes to the floor, for fittings by appointment only. But by night, step inside and you’ll find a very different setup. Find yourself immersed in an interactive 1920s-inspired speakeasy, where the bar tenders dress to the nines in ‘20s attire, classic prohibition era gin cocktails are on the menu, and the glamorous Art Deco interior transports you back in time.

As you may expect, a glamourous dress code is encouraged, however, adding a novel twist to Leeds’ nightlife, Tailors offers something a little different than just your usual drinking joint. Guests are encouraged to look the part and dress up in tailor-made tailcoats, fancy hats, flapper dresses and other props from the in house costume rails. Everything you see, you can try on!

What could’ve been just another night out suddenly becomes a unique and immersive experience! High-end silliness is the order of every evening, where anyone savvy enough to find the bar is invited to get into the spirit of the era and Charleston the night away to the sound of electro-swing on the gramophone as surprised onlookers peep through the curtains.

The owners have even taken their love of the prohibition era one step further, by “bootlegging” their own bespoke gin (of course it is all distilled legally!). Small batches of their signature gin are behind the counter every night, and also now available for online and instore purchase.

The aptly-named Tailors Gin contains a signature blend of British botanicals including a curious hint of bergamot to deliver, as they put it, ‘the perfect measure’. The bespoke gin is the house special, served both with tonics and in all of the 1920s-inspired cocktails.

Hidden in one of Leeds many historical arcades, Tailors has a huge element of mystery and exclusivity about it, in keeping with its speakeasy theme.

Down to the last detail, the bar is a decadent celebration of the roaring twenties, a time when people dressed to impress and really knew how to party. Like a real old-fashioned speakeasy it masquerades as something else, and anyone who sets foot in the bar can feel like they’re in on the secret and taking a trip back in time. The bar is kitted out with everything you might find in a proper tailor shop: mannequins, tape measures, fabrics and even upcycled sewing tables to sit and drink at.

During the week, The Gentleman’s Tailor takes store and at home fittings by appointment only. Access to the bar and Gatsby-style frivolities, can be found Thursdays – Saturdays, when the clock strikes 6pm, weekends are open until 2am.

Keep your eyes peeled because the illustrious gin lounge has some exciting upcoming plans in the works, and is also available for hire, adding some razzle dazzle to any celebration.

More information on The Gentleman’s Tailor, Tailors Gin and the Illustrious Gin bar, can be found at:

Call them Tailors, call it a gin joint, but for goodness’ sake, just don’t call the cops!

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