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Edward Milner Terrace

Edward Milner
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Edward Milner Terrace

Edward Milner Terrace is a collection of modern townhouses set within the historic Dulwich Estate, South London.

Developed by Housebuilder Award 2018 finalist Lightbox, the new five and six storey homes are a contemporary reimagination of Georgian and mid-century townhouses seen throughout the Dulwich Estate. The construction of the properties, which is being carried out by Aspect Construction, is making progress and is set to be completed in early 2019. Interest in the homes is expected to be very high.

Lightbox has built a strong reputation as a specialist small site developer, having delivered high quality projects throughout London. The woodland nature of Edward Milner Terrace’s site offered the chance to develop a unique, high-end housing scheme. Director Matthew Horn commented:

“We wanted to create something exceptional from this challenging site, something that expressed the rapidly changing age in which we are building, but also rooted in the heritage of the area. Cutting edge construction methods and technologies have allowed us to build houses of the future, juxtaposed in a tranquil woodland setting in a bustling, urban part of London.”

The height of the units and the nature of the site meant that a concrete superstructure was chosen with an insulated brick slip cladding system. Copper, zinc and glass have finished the externals further contrasting the all-encompassing greenery around the homes. Situated on a steeply sloping site in all directions and with 21 protected trees, there have been challenges at both planning and through the build, but these stunning surroundings are a key selling point for the properties and have clearly been used to great effect.

A number of futureproofing elements have also been tied into the design, including smart lighting, security, heating, music and air handling and electric car charging.

Named after the chief landscape gardener who oversaw the relocation of the world famous Crystal Palace to the area, Edward Milner lived on the site until his death in 1884. His legacy of sensitively designed landscapes, as a means of bringing communities together, was integral to Lightbox’s design philosophy.

Working with the London Wildlife Trust, Lightbox designed both private and communal gardens to be central to the living experience within the units. Floor to ceiling glass, rear elevation double height spaces and projecting bays will give the new owners a sense of being enclosed by nature within the city. The woodland environment is contrasted with a more boutique industrial palate internally, such as exposed board marked concrete walls and polished concrete floors.

In operation for over 10 years, Lightbox is a South London Property developer based in East Dulwich, South London. Earlier this year, Lightbox was “Highly Commended” in the Housebuilder Magazine Awards 2018 for the Commitment to the Community category. To view more projects from the company, please visit

Edward Milner


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