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Fazenda Birmingham

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Fazenda Birmingham

Brazilian restaurant brand Fazenda has opened its latest site in Birmingham’s iconic Colmore Row. The fifth venue to join the portfolio of restaurants, Fazenda Birmingham welcomed its first customers in November.

Fazenda made its first appearance in Leeds over six years ago and has grown to be one of city’s most popular destinations. The brand offers a traditional, Brazilian way of dining where customers are in control of the service by using a small double-sided card. The green side signals for chefs to bring out meat while the red side indicates a period of rest. Up to 15 different, high quality meats will be on offer at Fazenda Birmingham. Guests can also enjoy the gourmet sides bar, which features Feijoada – a traditional Brazilian stew – salads, cured meats and fresh sushi.

The Fazenda experience is also centred around fine wine, with the restaurant having a dedicated working wine room featuring over 100 different blends, with a knowledgeable team on hand to recommend a glass to suit all tastes.

With 200 covers spread across the 10,000 sq ft venue at city’s iconic 55 Colmore Row, the South American meat specialist caters for lunch and dinner guests in its expansive main dining spaces, as well as provide the perfect setting for pre and post-meal drinks thanks to a 50-seater bar.

Premier Hospitality recently spoke to Fazenda Owner Tomas Maunier about this exciting development for the brand:

“We’ve been looking for a while in Birmingham, at least two years. We were well aware that Birmingham was growing from a culinary perspective and I think the city is also growing quite a lot. It’s always been a place in our plans but we couldn’t find a site that was to our liking. We wanted to be in the city centre/business area because we know that works well with the Fazenda offering.

“About a year ago Mason Partners dropped us an email about this amazing site that was being developed. We went to have a look and fell in love the moment that we saw it. I think it’s the perfect location for what we are.

“Inside you get our signature dark colour palette contrasted by warm ambient lighting, cow hides and stucco walls. We want to bring the top end of Brazilian dining. As you come in you can see lots of amazing wines because we love our wine as well. There’s also a sides bar that is second to none.

“We’ve got two unbelievably incredible private dining rooms. I think they’re awesome and the architect has done an incredible job with them. There were three little rooms with some brick walls and we could have knocked them down but when we saw them we thought they would be incredible for private dining.”

The third room has been transformed into a wine room with the best South America has to offer. The high end, industrial feel is aided by wood, bricks, metal and quality furniture. The gaúcho heritage of Fazenda is reflected in the use of horse saddles on the ceiling. Overall it is a warm and cosy space.

Reflecting on the importance of the project, Tomas added:

“For us, this is a big step. We’ve got a big presence in the north of England and we recently opened in Edinburgh, which has been an amazing success. The brand is well-known and very strong in the north. This is the first step going south, however. The plan is to carry on going south so it’s a big challenge that we will hopefully pass.”

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