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Strawinskylaan Bicycle Park

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Strawinskylaan Bicycle Park

Opposite Amsterdam Zuid railway station, the Strawinskylaan Bicycle Park, designed by wUrck Architects opened in May 2018. Thoughtfully designed and offering a high level of comfort, the park is seen as setting a new standard for this kind of facility. With a capacity of 3,750 spaces it has become the largest underground bike parking in the Dutch capital.

The Strawinskylaan Bicycle Park, which is situated under the former Vijfhoek Park, is located just north of Amsterdam Zuid railway station and adds a further 3,750 places to the existing Zuidplein (2,700 places)  and Mahlerplein (3,000 places) parking available in the area. Providing good parking facilities for bikes is an important part of the municipal strategy to guarantee sustainable and comfortable access of the public transport node while increasing the quality of the public space.

“The bicycle park can be seen as a public interior but also as an underground outdoor space, an extension of the square above,” said Oriol Casas Cancer, Partner at wUrck and project architect of the garage.

The spacious and well-organised structure forms the basis for an efficient and comfortable operation of the facility. Contained in a simple concrete volume with an epoxy floor, it has tree-shaped columns holding up a canopy of ceiling islands. A restrained colour scheme provides the space with an abstract character and specific decorative accents are the pentagon shapes near the entrance – a reference to the shape of the former park above, which is currently being redeveloped into a neighbourhood square with playground facilities.

The ceiling height of 3.30m (40cm higher than minimally prescribed) feels generous. The entrance zone is climatised, so that the parking staff can work in optimum conditions. Most striking for the appearance of the parking however, is probably the quality of the light: both the ceiling islands and two extensive glass walls have been outfitted with fixtures that simulate daylight. It turns the visit to the underground parking into a positive experience.

The parking is carefully anchored in its context. The main entrance on the busy bike path of Strawinskylaan opens up the parking for cyclists by means of tapis roulants. These are located in a transparent, mullionless reinforced glass pavilion that leaves the spatial effect of the new square undisturbed. The internal structure of this pavilion consists of a slender steel pergola. Its roof is a cantilevered space frame that floats above the entrance of the parking, located under Strawinsky viaduct, directly opposite the entrance of the station. Via this route, travellers can reach the parking from the station without having to cross the busy cycle path.


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