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Selfridges and Hans Crescent

The brand ELAN café might only be known by word of mouth, or passed on from screen to screen. The Instagram famous brand is a chain of London based cafes, with five locations. It’s not just their digital fame that makes them so popular though, they have an extensive coffee menu, serve adventurous desserts, as well as breakfast and lunch.  Their newest two sites are Selfridges (opened in October 2018) and Hans Crescent in Knightsbridge (opened December 2018). There’s a sixth café set to open in the coming months also.

ELAN café is photogenic- especially these two new latest additions to London. They want to standout and make statements, and they their cafes are each a little piece of wonderland.  They’re very aware of social media too, and so with the décor and the delicious coffee and food they offer, they attract influencers, bloggers, and vloggers and of course a crowd who know and love the brand, and people just discovering it. The design in these two new sites combines ELAN’S boldness and the attraction it draws on social media.

Jonathon Harvey of Holland and Harvey architects explains the design for each:

“The Selfridges design was more masculine, its colour scheme was pleasant grey and green. It’s a long open space just off the food court of the store, and we wanted it to feel as if customers are stepping into a fairytale. Unique but bold pink decorative floral décor lines the seating. The upholstery are shades of green, and we use striking marble to form the counters, that create a timeless classic backdrop for seating and coffee areas, and they really stand out.”

In contrast, but of a similar vein Jonathan says about the Hans Crescent café:

“Hans crescent is very much about being pink, it’s more feminine in comparison to the Selfridges site. This site was out to make a statement with bold pieces. There’s lots of pink floral décor that takes up entire walls and neon LED quotes about coffee, and pink clouds that add to it also. Its funfair themed, with pink carousel horses suspended from different points in the ceiling. In the centre is an impressive and rounded marble bar.”

Because marble is the subtle but bold centrepiece in the cafes, Jonathon adds:

“On such a short time frame it could sometimes prove a challenge, because finding the right piece of marble for features is an extensive process and fragile to the say the least with the same piece breaking multiple times in transit, it’s challenging. But for me it was a satisfying project to complete, and for Holland and Harvey, we pride ourselves on being able to work with projects like this and seeing our designs become popular across social media because of it. We’re good at doing fit outs that make challenging spaces seem like they were always supposed to be there.”

ELAN stands for Eat, Live and Nourish, and the stand drinks on their menu include: Golden, ruby, Jade, Saffron, and Spanish Lattes, and an alcohol free Tea-mojito.



In their own words…

WFC are an interior fit-out contractor specialising in the leisure industry. Established in 1976, the business complete fit-out projects for operators of bars, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, theatres and health and fitness and gaming venues. Our extensive portfolio can be viewed on our website.

We are passionate about our projects and take great pride in working closely with our clients and their professional teams to deliver the client’s vision.

We love to be part of the development of a client’s business and are now on our fifth Elan Café project. Although there are a lot of common themes linking the brand across the cafes, each project has its own particular twists and challenges. The aim on all the Elans, is to ensure that both food and drink are a delight to consume, but presented as a visual spectacle. The concept being that both the produce and décor allow opportunities for photos to be taken and shared using Social media. This keeps us on our toes and ensures we keep on learning and improving. Great care is taken to ensure that the clients expectations and visions become a reality.


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