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EngineRooms at Birchwood Park

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EngineRooms at Birchwood Park

North-West based DV8 Designs are the creative minds behind the impressive transformation of the recently launched EngineRooms at Birchwood Park in Warrington. This is the latest in a line of innovative and user-experience led projects for the interior design and architecture firm, and as occupiers of Birchwood Park the team felt right at home with the project.

PATRIZIA-managed Birchwood Park is the North West’s leading out-of-town business destination and the brief for the new EngineRooms was to create an all-day meet, eat and work space where visitors can fuel their body and work their mind, whilst promoting collaboration and wellbeing among its 6,000 occupiers.

This new social space combines the relaxed ambience of a hotel business lounge, the sociability of a co-working space and an ultra-modern food hall, offering the best of Europe’s food market style dining. The innovative space was renamed The EngineRooms to align with the new modern look and feel of the space.

Where design leads change, this reinvigorated work space provides a rallying call to businesses to work flexibly, efficiently and socially. Where the colour palette is vibrant and full of personality, it is also welcoming and practical, with floor to ceiling windows to draw in the light and influences from nature, the bio-phillic elements bringing the outside in and linking naturally to the outdoor ‘Park’ space that comes into its own in better weather. A-frame tables and flexible, zoned working spaces mean that a focused strategy session can be easily turned into a social get together and the ‘street food’ style outlets have an independent feel to suit meat eaters, gym fanatics and flexitarians; and include a pizza oven imported from Italy perfectly positioned for team rewards.

Managing Director of DV8 Designs, Lee Birchall said: “With the EngineRooms we wanted to design an innovative and inviting new destination where ‘doing business’ can be made as easy, as sociable and as enjoyable as possible. As Birchwood Park occupiers our team had the insight to make this exciting new space work in a practical and user-friendly way and we’re so proud to be part of it. I’m from Warrington so I’m delighted to see such a forward-thinking business destination located here.

“The EngineRooms is the first of its kind here; a place to be inspired and where work-life balance is achievable. We’re excited to see it attract more talent and business from all over the UK.”

Birchwood Park was established 20 years ago and is currently home to more than 165 businesses and organisations from Dr Schär to the Wood Group.

Martin O’Rourke, Commercial Director at Birchwood Park commented: “The development of the EngineRooms is our most exciting renovation on the park to date and we can’t wait to see our occupiers and the wider business community using it.

“We’re committed to ensuring that Birchwood Park remains at the forefront of innovation – continuing to drive occupier retention and attract the next generation of business talent. With easy access from the M62, ample parking and fast Wi-Fi, the EngineRooms will become a premier destination in the North West for all-day meeting, eating and working – anyone is welcome to work from the EngineRooms, from as little as the price of a coffee.

“We know that there is no one-size fits-all approach to the workplace and, while we’re proud of the park’s growth over the last 20 years, we’re ready to up our game throughout 2019. The refurbishment of the EngineRooms is just the first step towards our wider ambition to completely disrupt expectations when it comes to becoming the best out-of-town all day eat and meet co-working destination.”


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