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Perianth Hotel Athens

Perianth Hotel
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Perianth Hotel

Opened in the summer of 2018, the 1930s building which now houses the sleek Perianth Hotel is set back from the busy tourist centre of Athens, but still stands in a perfect destination with a breath-taking view of the Acropolis from its balconies. The hotel also shares its space with the Zen Center Athens; a unique institution which is devoted to meditation, martial arts, yoga, and Eastern philosophy.

The façade of the building belongs to Athens interwar modern movement, and being inspired by the direct history of Athens, the hotel has a unique character, thanks to the designers at K-Studio. The 38 room hotel was originally built for the purpose of office space, resulting in an irregularity of interior structure, leaving K-studio with the challenge of finding a layout to suit its new purpose as a hotel.

They did this by stripping the interior, leaving only the façade and the irregular structural elements so that they could keep that link with the history of Athens. Moving into the corridors, the main circulatory route of each floor was designed to mirror the curve of the building’s façade. K-Studio’s team created a wider main ‘avenue’ from which smaller side ‘alleys’, each leading to 2 or 3 rooms pulled out, creating privacy and separation for guests. Instead of being traditional, this corridor concept has mimicked the urban layout of central Athens, further keeping it entwined with the city.

The restrictions of the irregular structural grid also mean that each room has its own unique character. The design as a whole is a nod to the streamlined modernity of the external architecture with the traditionally rendered façade introduced within the rooms, and bringing a hint of the external identity to the building inside.

The overall style of the rooms brings terrazzo flooring giving a cool shaded lightness, contrasted with warm walnut of the furniture and the blush pink upholstery that adds a twinkle of glamour to the rooms. The rooms are on the whole minimalist, with enough character to provide the relaxation and comfort tourists want from hotels, but with a stylish touch as well. Brass accents are the finishing touches of the minimalistic rooms, adding more warmth along with the walnut, which further uplifts the spaces.

The owners of the hotel, the Sgoumpopoulou siblings, are proud to promote contemporary culture of the Greek city also. So, central to the hotel’s core concept, curated artworks by contemporary Greek artists such as Yiannis Varelas, Antonakis, Margarita Myrogianni, Rallou Panagiotou and Maria Papadimitriou are on proud display both in rooms and public spaces.

All in all, the sleek simplistic Perianth Hotel ensures guests enjoy an experience of staying within the building that has been preserved and celebrates style, history and contemporary culture that Athens has to offer.




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