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Linden Farm Assisted Living

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Linden Farm Assisted Living

Linden Farm is a residential development in Alfold Surrey, for 10 adults with severe autism, designed to provide them with an exemplar home environment, whilst enabling the assistance of supported living care.

The Simon Trust first presented the idea to Surrey County Council in 2015, and land was purchased by them and the re-development into a supported living home is currently taking place. It will be a much needed facility in Surrey, and The Simon Trust will enhance and personalise Linden Farm to support the needs of the 10 residents, giving them meaningful activities to do on site and thus enhancing their quality of life.

Building work started in January 2018 and the tenants will start moving in throughout the spring and summer months of 2019.

The primary brief for this build was to create a delightful yet residential setting for the residents, one that is nurturing and an integral part of the local community. The buildings won’t feel in any way institutional for the residents, as this could disrupt their comfort.

The accommodation is split; there’s a house for three people, (Apple tree cottage) a house for two, (Bluebell cottage) and five individual flats (Orchard cottages), as well as an activity centre. This provides sensory and therapy provision, along with a space for staff support. Support staff are also provided with two bedrooms to allow for overnight care.

The Simon Trust will provide the essential extras which will make it possible for 10 autistic people to prosper at Linden Farm. These facilities include a horticultural area, a therapy garden, garden furniture, arts and craft facilities, musical instruments, computer equipment, a SmartScreen, audio systems and indoor sensory equipment. They hope that Linden Farm will become a centre of excellence for autism provision in Surrey.​

People with autism tend to greatly benefit from space and links to outdoors and landscape as a positive resource. The concept of the development has therefore maximised the setting of the historic Alfold, the farm heritage and the surrounding ancient woodland. The homes are anchored in in the heart of the site by a sensory garden framework.

The homes themselves have taken on typology of a farmstead, which respects the local character of the village, whilst providing a collection of homes that can give individual quality and a safe setting, but still feels part of the larger community. The buildings nestle into the landscape and allow for views through the site into the woodland beyond.

The building materials used were rich in quality and reflect the local, brick, stone and treated timber boarding of the village, however, realised in a contemporary style. Alongside this, each of the buildings consists of a family of materials, ensuring that each building has its own clear identity which is a helpful mechanism for residents.

The Simon Trust has already raised a considerable sum of money as a result of nearly 70 fund raising events over the last two years, including many generous donations and various trust funds. The Charity has been overwhelmed by the help and kindness of so many people from all walks of life.

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