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Crazy Pizza London

Crazy Pizza
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Crazy Pizza

The latest offering from leading Italian businessman and former Formula One boss, Flavio Briatore, has opened in London.

Complete with dramatic touches aplenty and emphasising the passion and spirit of Italy, Crazy Pizza sees enthused traditional chefs expertly creating deliciously indulgent mozzarella in the theatrical open kitchen. The evening will see guests enjoy an immersive and spontaneous Italian dining experience with world champion dough spinning chefs, animated waiters and live entertainment from DJs spinning vintage tunes reminiscent of La Dolce Vita.

The design of the venue has been overseen by Florence-based Studio Michele Bonan. The main contractor was the Petrini Projects Ltd.

The exquisitely designed interiors see rich colours paired together including crimson red hues and soft bottle green leather, an elegant style which creates a warm, inviting atmosphere. Glamourous black and white portraits of some of the world’s most famous faces adorn the walls. The main materials used in the design include wood and red lacquered glass for the walls and ceramic flooring.

Architect Michele Bonan said about the project:

“It was a really satisfying project because it has been approached like a completely new concept. Crazy Pizza is a new version of the traditional Italian pizzeria, where the typical Italian colours of red and green become something completely new. The red is recalled on the wall and transformed in glass, while green becomes the faux leather used for the sofa upholstery.

“Crystal and gold accents, classicism soft light and wooden interweaving counters complete the space, creating an atmosphere elegant and sophisticated, cosy and eccentric, traditional and crazy.

“The concept of the venue, winking at the most rooted Italian tradition, gets dressed in glamour surrounded by a very English style. As the iconic godmother of the Mediterranean flavour, we celebrate pizza in all its forms because it’s good, it’s home and it’s cool.”

Serving a finely-tuned menu with dishes creating an Italian feast, guests can dive into a selection of fresh starters alongside the specially developed mozzarella menu. Two award winning Italian chefs head up the unique mozzarella kitchen developing incredible and authentic mozzarella. This specially designed kitchen brings something brand new to the London restaurant scene.

Not to be outdone by the starters, the main star of the show is of course the pizza. This, however, is not just any ordinary pizza but made with Crazy Pizza’s incredible thin crust, yeast free bases using the ultimate secret recipe resulting in the lightest of pizzas! Created in a Morello oven which has been described by the very best chefs as the ‘Lamborghini of ovens!’, guaranteeing perfectly cooked pizzas every time.

Guests can experience the signature ‘Crazy Pizzas’, including the ‘Tartufo’ which is topped with creamy buffalo mozzarella and shavings of fresh black truffle. It will revolutionise guest’s enjoyment of an iconic Italian staple. Every dish on the menu is elevated to luxurious levels with the freshest, highest quality Italian ingredients including impeccably sourced Sicilian tomatoes.

Crazy Pizza is set to be the latest ‘place to be seen’ in the capital offering diners the best of the best in everything from the ingredients to the entertainment. Nothing else is required to let your hair down and have an unforgettable experience.

Crazy Pizza joins Flavio Briatore’s growing portfolio of bespoke entertainment led restaurants, beach clubs and night clubs across the UK, Italy, Dubai and Monaco.


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