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Wanås Restaurant Hotel

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Wanås Restaurant Hotel


Wanås Restaurant Hotel opened in 2017 in two 18th century barns at the heart of Wanås. It is characterised by contemporary elegance – mixing vintage furniture, contemporary art, natural elements and rustic walls.

The hotel has eleven individually decorated rooms, including double rooms with generous beds and custom designed furniture. In the hotel Nordic design meets sustainability, with materials and furniture sourced from the estate and locally. Design highlights include Vintage pink tiled bathrooms, limestone and oak floors, soft beds and custom made furniture.

Wanås Restaurant offers unpretentious cooking, featuring a menu influenced by organic produce from the farm and wild ingredients foraged in the woods. Seasonal produce plays the main role in dishes and an open kitchen allows guests to watch the cooks prepare them. Lunches are a selection of daily specials, freshly baked bread and soft ice cream made with organic milk from the farm. In the evenings, a Wanås seasonal menu of four servings is offered with products from the farm, the forest and the sites favourite farmers.

Guests can take a walk through the majestic beach forest and explore the renowned sculpture park on site. They can also lounge by the fireplace or take walks on starry winter nights or long Scandinavian summer nights by utilising the equipment in the mudroom which is filled with boots and rain jackets.

PREMIER HOSPITALITY INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE spoke to Wanås Restaurant Hotel Managing Director Kristina Wachtmeister about the site in a bit more detail.

How did you get involved with this project?
“I have lived at Wanås with my family since 2013 and my husband is running the farm, as the eighth generation at Wanås estate. We love it here because it’s so beautiful, yet challenging with the organic farm and interesting with the onsite sculpture park, Wanås Konst. We wanted to give the opportunity to all guests to stay overnight longer and for them to explore the nature, art and enjoy the food in a cosy, relaxed and personal hospitality space.”

How long where you working on the project?
“We started taking input and inspiration around November 2014 with planning and sketching in taking place in spring 2015. We started to build in January 2016 and then opened the restaurant in January 2016 with the hotel following in May 2017.”

What are some of the stand out features?
“We have kept the old building and added a new planning and interior. We have used high quality materials which have a connection to Wanås. These include oak flooring from the Wanås forest, leather details from the hides of Wanås cows and benches from the fallen logs in the park. The interior design is personal and contemporary with art that connects to artists representing Wanås.”

What where some of the challenges you encountered on the project?
“Converting a cold, old building into a warm working business with high technical standards was hard. We also had to find the right staff, with competence, the right attitude and skills. I can now say I have found a great team over the years.”

What has feedback been like?
“Great! Not only locally but nationally and internationally as well.”

How important was this project for you?
“It has given Wanås another dimension and a lot of attention. For my own sake I’m happy we succeeded. It gives me a lot of energy working with a great team and with great feedback from guests. Without that it gets too exhausting after some years.”

Wanås Restaurant Hotel is open all year round. The hotel’s beautiful studios are available for conferences, meetings and events. Current opening hours can be viewed at and on Facebook.

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