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Bowring Park Restoration Liverpool

Bowring Park
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Bowring Park Restoration

In 1906, Alderman WB Bowring gifted the Roby Hall estate “to the inhabitants of Liverpool” to become one of the first municipal parks in the UK.

In 1913 the first Municipal Golf Course in the UK was established at Bowring Park. Today, the historic Bowring Park and Golf Course stands as an important local park and key sporting facility serving the community of Huyton-with-Roby and surrounding areas. Located on Junction 5 of the M62, the park is a significant gateway into the Borough of Knowsley.

It spans the size of six football pitches and has open parkland, a play area, a community and visitor centre, historic gardens (which are the former gardens of the Roby Hall estate), an 18 hole golf course, and landscape vistas including trees that showcase the original layout of the estate.

The Restoration of Bowring Park is an exciting project that will not only restore the buildings and gardens at the site, but will tell the rich history of the park and provide a range of new activities, training and volunteering opportunities.
The project is being supported by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Thanks to National Lottery players, the transformation of this historic park will be able to take place for the benefit of the local community. It is set to be completed this summer.

The restoration is taking place because it is needed and because Bowring Park can become one of Knowsley’s most important public green spaces, attracting a wide range of people and bringing significant benefits to the area.
To achieve this, Knowsley Council wanted to invest in the general facilities within the Park, as well as focusing on the Park’s heritage conservation. A further key focus was on developing activities and public engagement in the Park and working to improve its management for the future.

Improvements of the park include:

  • Boundary/Entrance Improvements
  • New and Improved Signage
  • Parkland Path Improvements (New and Existing)
  • Installation of more Bins and Benches
  • Car Park & Vehicle Access Management
  • Woodland Management and Tree Planting
  • Meadowland Habitat Management and Creation
  • Drainage of Parkland Area (currently affected by waterlogging in parts)
  • Considering Artwork installations (e.g. sculptures around park)
  • Development of Potting Sheds to bring them back into active use
  • Improving access into the Gardens
  • Access management into Golf Course (Signage, etc.)
  • Improvements to the formal gardens
  • Works on Land north of Roby Road (remnant piece of Bowring Park)

Physical Heritage:
Bowring Park boasts a proud heritage predominantly dating back to the Georgian Period. Its archaeology, history, natural and built environment all add to the importance and value of the community park. Part of the heritage restoration includes:

  • Restoration of former Coach House Building (Visitor & Community Centre)
  • Restoration of façade of former Stables Block Building (Golf Shop & Clubhouse)
  • Restoration of the Garden Walls
  • Re-instatement of Original Garden Designs/Features
  • Restoration of the Dell (Sunken Garden)
  • Restoration of the Terrace Garden
  • Restoration of the Ha Ha
  • Restoration of Views from Formal Gardens (Golf Course)
  • Restoration of Views at front of Park
  • Mapping of Roby Hall Foundations (inc. eastern former Stable Block)
  • Excavation of Roby Lodge Gatehouse Foundations
  • Restoration of Remnant Boundary Walling and Entrance Pillars
  • Safeguarding heritage features on former estate/parkland north of Roby Road

Aside these important works to make Bowring Park better for the local community, there is also a sub project called ‘Our Bowring’, which will create a comprehensive record of historical documents, oral history recordings, images and artefacts that tell the story of the park and its origins through to present day.

Knowsley Council’s Culture Development and Events Service are developing the Community Living Archive and is inviting people to get involved and share their memories.

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