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JPMorgan Chase & Co.

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JPMorgan Chase & Co.

On Madison Avenue, NYC, JPMorgan Chase & Co. has opened a vibrant and inviting flagship site, encouraging customers and innovation. Allen International was invited to design the new flagship location.

PREMIER RETAIL MAGAZINE spoke to James White, Design Director, about the project in detail:

“Following our acquisition by Accenture we were introduced to the JPMC team and prepared a review of aspect of their current branch experience. We were initially invited to help with the potential refurbishment of their existing branches we subsequently began looking at the development of a branch experience for a new location at the base of the neighbouring 390 Madison Avenue tower.

“The 390 site challenged us to create a solution that not only linked the 2 units that would form the branch, but also celebrate the differences in height and scale of the spaces in relation to a busy Madison Avenue streetscape.”

In a deliberate attempt to form, open, friendly, customer centric spaces, they placed an emphasis on creating flexible furniture and spaces that adapt to suite a variety of customer needs. Comfortable open and semi-private interaction points designed to support the technology enabled private meeting spaces. The two central circular Cores frame a variety of in-branch activities and offer flexible spaces for customer and staff events, blurring the lines between front and back office.

“At 390, space and technology combine to create an inviting community experience for both staff and customers alike, unconfined by the traditional way of banking,” said James. “The staff have been amazing and really enthusiastic about the concept. They’re keen to help Chase location and it’s going to help the bank test new services and technologies.”

James finished:

“In my time at Allen International we have been fortunate to work with a range of international and UK based clients. It’s always great to have a balance and it’s often about the people you work with, not necessarily the scale of the job. Our work is varied but often around solving specific network challenges. In the instance of 390 it has been good to focus on a specific location that learns from the network, but at the same time challenges the network.

“At 390 we have aimed to create a visible expression of the Chase brand with spaces that support best in class interactions and behaviours. New York is their home city, their head office, and it is important for them that to present the right message.”

JPMorgan Chase & Co. is bringing further innovation spaces into other smaller branches and are expanding with 400 new branches.


Erich Keller AG

Erich Keller AG specialises in high-end interior design solutions for commercial and residential projects. Founded as a 1-man joinery in 1950, the company has developed into a renowned, globally active organisation.

Interiors, System Workstations and Climate Solutions make up the 3 cornerstones of the Erich Keller portfolio. Erich Keller AG is regularly invited to take part in fascinating interior design projects and manufacture exclusive furniture for shops and boutiques.

The company was recently involved with the creation of the new flagship site for JPMorgan Chase & Co. in New York. It supplied high-end furniture components including mobile receptions, teller counters and various tables for offices and meeting zones. Each piece boasts a sophisticated design in terms of form, functionality and material selection.

A spokesperson for Erich Keller commented:

“In the past, Erich Keller AG was already allowed to furnish trading floors in Europe and Asia for JP Morgan Chase with trader’s workstations, but has never before been allowed to produce furniture for retail areas. We are very pleased with the very positive feedback received from both the client and the responsible project managers.

“Our dedication to our projects and Clients is second to none. We are committed to work harder than others whilst delivering outstanding products and services that result in full customer satisfaction.”

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