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MENY concept store CC Vest Oslo

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A bigger, modern MENY

MENY, part of NorgesGruppen and leading Norwegian supermarket franchise has piloted a 23,000 sq ft concept store in CC Vest, Oslo that represents its largest store size format.

MENY is on a mission to help customers Eat Better and Liver Better by continually pushing boundaries of what supermarket retail can offer its customers, and in line with this mission, award-winning creative agency, Household, has designed a new concept store that bucks the trend in reducing counter service space.

Speaking to PREMIER RETAIL MAGAZINE, Elliot Price, Creative Director at Household said: “We have been partnering with MENY for several years on various projects, most notably a store in Skøyen which re-established their brand within the Norwegian market. In 2017 we were commissioned to refresh their brand expression, touching on all of their brand assets. In a competitive market dominated by the discounters Meny had to shift customer perceptions to feel less premium and focus on their core values of freshness, quality and range while becoming more accessible to more people more of the time. The store at CC Vest is the first culmination of multiple pieces of work that delivers on that vision.”

The concept store redefines the role of counters as a modern fresh statement that boldly dominates the customer experience – amplifying unwrapped choice, food service and a self-service journey that is in tune with how customers see and shop for food.

The concept store is designed to feel familiar, with a celebration of food at core touchpoints where quality and fresh matter most – fruit and veg, produce, bakery, cheese, meat and food to go. As much as 25% more space is dedicated to fresh than in smaller formats. The fresh journey experience is defined by a dramatic timber wrap that anchors the extensive length of the counters and fresh mid-floor experiences, bringing natural warmth and enticing customers to explore and engage.

The focus of the design has been to strip back complexity, overwhelming communications and let the breadth of fresh product become accessible, desirable and easy to shop, with as much visibly unpacked food as possible. This is a considered move away from the perception play on ‘artisan and old-fashioned grocery retailing,’ towards a modern celebration of Norwegian food and lifestyle. The concept design purposely elevates real authenticity and beautiful simplicity as true daily enjoyment of fresh food for everyone. Pre-packed choices similarly follow in simplicity to guide ease and convenience of selection.

Customers can explore new flavours in the cheese cave and see the meat curing space while talking to the expert butcher. Informal food taste tests celebrate food and flavour, where live weekend demos offer hints, tips and an extra reason to visit. While the new MENY CC Vest Store has a large footprint, convenience is still key. Food-to-go is the first counter touchpoint, positioned at the front of the store for ease of grabbing a coffee, sandwich and quick pay. Convenience is also dialled up in MENY’s kitchen counter area, where fresh and easy self-cook meals are ready to take home, heat and eat.

Household has introduced carefully chosen new materials of local handmade tiles and real timber large scale panels. High level signage is bold and simple, directing the eye lower to the food choices and communications designed to complement the fresh offer, rather than overwhelm with unnecessary visual noise. Household has evolved the brand and retail graphic communications to encourage a more human and direct conversation throughout the store, such as asking about seasonal choices or product recommendations. Brand assets created feature chalk-like illustrative icons and line flourishes that bring MENY’s personality. Headline font Futura Passata and playful handwritten font, Manus now form part of the brand identity.

The 23,000 sq.ft concept store piloted in CC Vest, Oslo during the summer. The store is performing above expectations with a 30% up like for like on the opening weekend. Following the successful launch in CC Vest, Oslo the concept will be rolled out to the largest MENY stores across the estate.

Dan Whetstone, Account Director at Household told PREMIER RETAIL: “Feedback has been amazing from both our client MENY and customers. Sales are up and increasing week on week across the whole store. Our primary goal at Household is to design brand experiences that make a real, positive impact on customers’ lives, so this is exactly the response we wanted. We will continue working closely with MENY as this is the we help to roll the concept out across their estate.”

Julie Oxberry, Household Managing Director and Co-Founder said: “We have partnered with MENY over the past six years and are proud to continue elevating the MENY brand and service experience at MENY CC Vest. Service and experience are significant differentiators for MENY and are key to engaging and inspiring customers.”

Robert Fjeld, MENY Concept Store Manager said: “The Household team’s continued development of our concept ensures that MENY will still be ahead of our competitors.”





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