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Astrid & Miyu Covent Garden

Astrid & Miyu
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Astrid & Miyu

Astrid & Miyu is a London based contemporary jewellery brand, which has quickly built a cult status among fashion editors, celebrities and influencers since its launch in 2012. Their dainty, yet striking pieces have been worn by Georgia May Jagger, Pippa Middleton, Lydia Millen, Amelia Liana and InTheFrow, just to name a few. Their vision is to make contemporary design jewellery accessible to everyone.

PREMIER RETAIL MAGAZINE spoke to Emma Louise Clark, Brand Design Manager of Astrid & Miyu, about their new store on Neal Street, Covent Garden which opened in July 2019.

How did this project come about?

“This site came about after we did a pop-up on Neal Street from October 2018 to January 2019. That pop-up was really successful so we knew we wanted to come back to that street and we ended up moving two doors down with our permanent home.

“For each of our stores we really try and make them visually fit the area that they reside in. For example, our St Christopher’s Place store is very clean and traditional, whilst our shop in Shoreditch has more of a pop-up vibe and is a bit more low key. I would say this store is more of a mixture of the two. It has the brands natural edge, but it doesn’t feel like a traditional jewellery shop, along with our piercing studios downstairs. The area, brand and aesthetic now sit in harmony.”

What are some highlights of the new space?

“Our piercing studios are a real highlight. These are our next phase of in store design focus. Before they were quite low key, but these ones look absolutely beautiful. There are tiles, vanity’s and this is our first store where there is a completely separate floor for the piercing experience for our customers; it makes it really special with it being so divided. Customers can go in and shop upstairs or head downstairs and have that luxury piercing experience.”

With your jewellery being the standout feature of your stores, is the design more subtle?

“One of the key things with Astrid & Miyu is that none of our jewellery is in boxes or behind glass, meaning that customers can try it on. Last year we launched our ear bar where customers can try on earrings and usually you can’t do that for hygiene reasons, but we have a full decked out space where they can try them on, and there are medical wipes for use that make it a proper sanitary experience. Having this means Astrid & Miyu is different to other jewellers; it’s tactile and welcoming and matches our brand aesthetic. Astrid & Miyu is about being exclusive and accessible and not having something that you have to just peer through glass at.”

What has the feedback on the new store been like?

“The tattoo and piercing studio have been fully booked and it’s done very well – we’ve had lots of people in for events. We’re a digitally big brand so Instagram is really big for; in store we have lots of Millennial Pink, along with some Instagrammable moments and it’s been really nice to see customers interact with those. We’ve got neon signs and mirrors where customers are encouraged to take selfies and share them online.”
“We’re a digital cult brand but the retail side is huge for us because of the retail experience, and we try and reflect that in our shops. Online translates onto the real life shop floor.”

How important is the new location for Astrid &Miyu?

“This is our third permanent shop and because it was in an area that performed really well as a pop-up, it’s a really important store for us. Not just for those reasons alone but because we have also launched the piercing studios. The nice thing about this is that we got to do the trial with the pop-up, and it’s a location in which people can stumble upon by accident too. I think it sets a really good precedence for where the brand is going online and in retail.”

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