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Hotel Zachary Wrigley Field

Hotel Zachary
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Hotel Zachary

Located directly across the street from Wrigley Field, Hotel Zachary was inspired by the original architect of the ballpark, Zachary Taylor Davis. Studio K set out to create a lobby that would act as a warm and inviting community space with respect for its history. The goal of the project was to establish an approachable, versatile home base for visitors looking for a genuine Chicago neighbourhood experience.

Speaking to PREMIER HOSPITLAITY INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE about the project, Karen Herold from Studio K said: “Hotel Zachary is a tribute to two Wrigleyville icons: Wrigley Field and the architect who designed it. Like the city itself, the design is warm and inviting with a respect to history. Through creating a space that welcomes families, 20-somethings and tourists alike, Hotel Zachary put Wrigleyville back on the map as a destination neighbourhood for everyone. It is a trailblazing building that has set the tone for the flux of all the properties now converging in the area and making it what it is today.”

Creating a space versatile enough for guests to enjoy a cozy breakfast, important business lunch or hip happy hour all within the same central area was the driving force of the space plan. The lobby had to move seamlessly from day to night and incorporate any type of group. To achieve this transition, Studio K worked meticulously with lighting designers to get the level correct for different hours and functions, effectively creating varying atmospheres depending on the time of day. An additional solution was creating different pockets for gathering as one moves through the space using a variety of furniture and lounge seating. Since the location is across from Wrigley Field, another challenge was accounting for heavy foot traffic on game days. The central bar was designed with 360 degree functionality in mind so guests can order their drinks from all four sides, creating an intuitive flow into the other spaces.

After developing a close relationship with Zachary’s family, Studio K brought their history to life by infusing the design with their stories and family heirlooms: original photographs were scanned and painted over by local artists to become central art pieces; dinner plates were monogrammed with Zachary’s wedding anniversary and children’s birthdays; golf books were scattered throughout as a nod to his lifelong love of the sport and the two portraits of Zachary and his wife Alma that welcome guests into the lobby are recreations of the couples original portraits that hung in their homes.

Karen said: “We received very positive feedback from the client while designing Hotel Zachary. They really trusted our process and respected our vision as designers, which created a very collaborative, creative and fun experience.
“It felt very exciting to be part of an active, positive change in such an iconic neighbourhood of Chicago. The hotel was a real trailblazer, elevating the surrounding food and activity within Wrigleyville. It brought a sense of warmth and hospitality to the neighbourhood all while preserving a small piece of Chicago history. We are very proud to be part of this movement.”

Hotel Zachary is a truly authentic design that represents a piece of Chicago history.

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