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Absoluxe Suites Kirkby Lonsdale

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Absoluxe Suites

Absoluxe Suites offer “absolute luxury” hotel suite accommodation in the heart of the beautiful town of Kirkby Lonsdale, close to both the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales.

Sally Proctor, artist in residence and owner Carol Burrow, told PREMIER HOSPITALITY MAGAZINE how the idea was born. They said:

“Our core business is smart technology, Majik House, and we design, install  and programme technology for the home, and our partner company is Aquajade who design and deliver luxury bathrooms. We joined forces to create Absoluxe Suites.  The reason for the joint venture was, due to the fact, that our 2 businesses operate on the same business park and we find ourselves referring clients to one another and we realised we could do something more spectacular to demonstrate the skills and creativity of both businesses. We have added a new dimension to the clients experience when they purchase our services – they can stay in our suites and experience for longer what we deliver. This helps with their decision making process.

Building a hotel that is able to engage people to come back time and again requires a lot of research and studying of successful examples. We spent hours researching, visiting and staying at boutique hotels. We took ideas and processes from so many places and distilled them down into the finished product we have today”

The businesses behind Absoluxe believe that everything guests experience on a short break should be no less than amazing. In doing so, there are four luxury suites in the hotel, each completely individual but tied together in their shared theme of ‘the four corners of the world’.

The Columbus, inspired by his discovery of America, is a penthouse with an industrial but nautical feel, with stunning views across the Yorkshire Dales.

The Parisian Suite is a very romantic space, and it’s popular for both birthdays and anniversaries. The bed is ivory carved and the bath is of free standing copper- and to further that French twist, there is a separate dressing room.

The Orient, the opposite of the softness of the Parisian, is inspired by the colours of China, the traditions of Japan and the cultural essence of Thailand. Reds sweep across the suite, complementing the wood used within it.

The Oasis is the largest of the suites and it is inspired by the green canopy of the African Congo. It includes its’ very own hot tub and terrace, as well as a media lounge, complete with discreet and easy ways to use home technology.

Sally and Carol said:

“It’s hard to pick one standout suite because they’re all so different, which means there will be something there for everyone, which is great. We wanted to give guests a reason to return and each suite is so different,that if they come back four  times each stay will be completely different from the last.

“Absoluxe Suites was an enormously important project, because it’s a completely new business and it has to make a profit and stand as a business in its own right, and secondly because it’s a representation of what both businesses actually deliver and we’ve been able to do it to a really high spec, as we are the provider of most of what has gone in there.  Looking ahead, we have ear marked two further areas we would like to branch into once this one is well established.”

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About Majik House

Majik House has a very different specialism in providing homes with the technology that sets them apart and makes them easy to manage. Controlled mood lighting, great sound and TV viewing and some surprises that can all be controlled with ease; they have been sprinkling their brand of Majik across the UK for 21 years.

About Aquajade

Aquajade specialises in the design and delivery of high-end bathrooms across the North West. They have been delivering this service for over 10 years to many delighted customers.


Glover Decorating Ltd

Glover Decorating Ltd is a painting and decorating specialist, working predominantly on exclusive developments and projects.

The company was founded by Daniel Glover, an award-winning painter and decorator with more than 20 years’ experience at the highest level, in 2017.

Glover Decorating was recently involved with Absoluxe Suites – luxury hotel suite accommodation in the heart of Kirkby Lonsdale.

“It’s a partnership between Majik House and Aquajade that has set up Absoluxe Suites,” explained Daniel Glover. “I’ve known Tim from Majik House for quite a while and I’ve completed work for Phil at Aquajade as well. We were tasked with following Sally Proctor’s design plans, which included everything from new plaster preparation and filling to lining paper and painting. All the materials we’ve used are high-quality and hard-wearing.

“It was a really good project for us to be involved in and it’s a really nice area in Kirkby Lonsdale with lots potential clientele for us. As a company we take great pride in our customer service and outstanding quality. When I set out on my own, my aim was to respond to every enquiry, no matter the size of the job. You might not get that job but it could lead to something else. It’s all about leaving the right impression.”


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