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Harvey Nichols Hong Kong

Harvey Nichols
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Harvey Nichols Hong Kong

Studio Four IV recently completed work on the Harvey Nichols Pacific Place, Hong Kong store. A highlight of this particular location is that it introduces Harvey Nichols’ concept of weaving together technology and shopping.

PREMIER RETAIL MAGAZINE spoke to one of the founders of Studio Four IV, Chris Dewar Dixon.

“We’ve been working with Harvey Nichols for many years and have designed stores for them all over the world,” Chris said. “We’ve completed two stores in Hong Kong, two in Turkey and the Middle East, and most of the stores in the UK, so we have a long term relationship with them.

“This particular store in Hong Kong unveils a new concept, which creates a stronger relationship with technology.  It’s really about exploring online and offline so that it can be presented to the consumer as a unified experience. The whole store centres upon an e-lounge, which is a unique lounge where you sit with a stylist who takes you online to create your own personal look book. From there you can download it onto your phone and choose to have items delivered to the store or your home. The concept was basically about exploring that relationship.”

The store holds beauty, beyond beauty, jewellery, a premium watch gallery, accessories, international ready-to-wear and contemporary fashion. Service is paramount.

Chris continued: “Our main challenge was ensuring Harvey Nichols has relevance for the younger audience who are so used to using technology and pairing that with traditional retail.

“One of the other main features of this particular store is men’s apparel. What Harvey Nichols wanted to do was to try and provide men with an inspirational space to shop and access their full range of clothing and accessories. The technology used in the store shows you how you can put a look together, as opposed to searching through clothing rails on your own. By going online, customers get access to a broader selection of clothing; and there’s someone there to help them choose, so it’s more interactive, and more of an event.

“It’s always very interesting working with Harvey Nichols; in this project we brought a physical and online retail space together, melding them in a cohesive and exciting new store concept. As a retailer,it’s vital to be agile and adapt to current market trends.”

Harvey Nichols Hong Kong

About Studio Four IV

Studio Four IV has an international design portfolio built from the experience of its founding partners, Andy Bone and Chris Dewar-Dixon. Each has over 30 years in the creative industries combining their branding, interior design and architecture skills. Many of the world’s most influential luxury brands have benefited from their input including, Emporio Armani, Harvey Nichols, Mandarin Oriental, Mulberry and Raffles Hotels and Resorts.

They understand design for retail and its rapidly changing requirements. They create spaces that enhance the experience of their client’s products, services and brands, whether it’s an intimate boutique or a multi-floor department store or a bank.





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