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Ruby Lucy Hotel

Ruby Lucy
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Ruby Lucy Hotel

The newest addition to the brand, and the first for the UK, Ruby Lucy Hotel has opened on the South Bank. The philosophy of this brand is ‘lean luxury’; to them, luxury means laid-back comfort instead of formalities, inspiring people instead of pretty facades, character and soul instead of polished surfaces, and  no expensive prestige addresses, instead to be found  where the authentic heart of the city beats. Lean means not paying for things you don’t need or want. Ruby Hotels consistently leave away things they deem as unimportant.

Matthew Balon, Head of Design for Ruby Lucy Hotel, spoke to PREMIER HOSPITALITY MAGAZINE about the new hotel in a bit more detail.

Where did the design for Ruby Lucy come from?

“With the first UK Ruby Hotel, from a design standpoint, we tried to find the sweet spot between telling a unique design story; yet keeping the brand identity there. With this hotel specifically, we did a lot of research which inspired an amazing story we want to share with our guests.

“When we came to this location, I didn’t know much about this corner of London, so I started looking at maps to find out what was here through the Dark Ages, the Middle Ages, and up to the Victorian times and what I found sparked many   ideas for the design. One theme found in the area throughout all these eras was entertainment. A second theme emerged on Lower Marsh Street. The market is one of the oldest markets in London; it’s one of the oldest streets in this corner of London. So these two ideas, entertainment and a market, fused into the story of a carnival. It’s about entertainment, but it’s also temporary like a market is. That provided the main the inspiration of this hotel.”

How long did it take?

“The design took a year and then the construction phase of the project took a year too.”

Were there many challenges?

“In the way of challenges, there was definitely a learning curve involved in how to make our design and building standards mesh with the UK planning and building regulations, but we had a great team for that.”

What does having the first Ruby Hotel in the UK mean to you?

“Everyone at Ruby is really excited to have this project in London, our first in the UK, because we’ll be able to reach a much wider audience with our fantastic product. London is a global city so to be on that global stage is exciting.”

PREMIER HOSPITALITY MAGAZINE also spoke to Tony O’ Farrell of RED Construction.

What were the client looking for?

“The design team were looking for someone who had experience in the hotel sector and who was able to demonstrate complexity of that size. At that point we had to demonstrate our experience, and in the end we were on site for a 46 week programme.”
What were the main aspects of your involvement in this project?

“The main aspects from our point of view were completing the steel structure for the two top floors of the hotel, completing all the façade elements, the porch, the glazing, and all the interior work from the structure and all the core works including the lifts, stairs, walls, lightings and decoration.”

Were there any challenges for you guys?

“There was a unique challenge in this project and I think it’s because Ruby is a new brand in the UK. Ruby is a German brand and translating that to the UK standards and making it relevant for the UK was a bit of a challenge.”

How important was it to be involved in this project?

“For RED Construction it was a very important project because it has been about demonstrating how we work on hotels and delivering the project as a RED project.”

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Ruby Lucy


aobis is a comprehensive solution provider of IT services. We develop strategically innovative solution concepts that individually address customer operational processes and optimise their work processes to achieve sustainable progress.

As your virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer / IT Manager) we support you in the digitalisation of your business processes and permanently adapt your IT to changing challenges. We permanently accompany you in the optimisation of internal processes, advise you on risk management and risk minimisation with regard to your IT systems and also take care of your IT strategy and investment planning.

In 2013 we were tasked by Ruby Group CEO Michael Struck to develop an IT concept for all Ruby Hotels in Germany and Austria. Recently, we have been entrusted to our care for the brand’s first hotel in the UK – Ruby Lucy. Our core aim was to develop a concept that was flexible, resilient and highly scalable, relieving the burden on staff and helping to actively promote digitalisation in order to revolutionise the hotel industry. The innovative use of self-check-in terminals is just one example of many.

It can be easily used and installed in each new hotel worldwide due to its flexibility and standardisation. This scaling effect enables a targeted investment and resource planning. In addition, the aobis-IT team is involved in the construction management of each new project from the very beginning. This shortens the lead times, reduces construction costs and thus enables a safe and stable growth.

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We are an independent, London-based Project and Cost Management Consultancy working in the construction industry, specialising in Hotels and Leisure. With our diverse breadth of experience, we also deliver Residential, Mixed Use, and Commercial Office projects across the UK.

Future54 has been in operation since 2013 and we have grown steadily year on year, and now employ 20 staff. The majority of our work is within the UK, but we do work abroad and are currently delivering large scale projects in central Europe as well, including Spain and Italy. We are a company that delivers great outcomes for our clients and invest in our people to be the best they can be.

We aim to become the premier Hotels and Leisure consultancy, whilst also growing our other sectors to complement our diversity and continue with delivering first class services for first class clients.

For Ruby Lucy, Future54 provided Project Management, Cost Management and Contract Administration services. We are pleased with the outcome and the collaboration with the client and the design team, to deliver a successful project and the first Ruby Hotel in the UK.

Ruby Lucy

The Airedale Group

The Airedale Group is the UK’s largest company that specialises in the design, manufacture (including bespoke fabrication), installation and service of commercial catering facilities.

We were recently engaged by Ruby Hotels to help develop the design of the kitchen, bar, servery and gallery kitchens at their first UK hotel – Ruby Lucy. We were brought on board at an early stage and worked with the teams at Ruby, Aros Architects and Red Construction to develop a design that worked well for Ruby to the budget we were set.

The design of the bar was a particularly interesting aspect of the project, as Ruby’s Head of Design Matthew Balon was keen for the use of black where possible. This meant sourcing a number of items of black equipment, and where this was not possible we had some equipment vinyl wrapped so we could meet the brief required by Matthew as closely as possible.

For us, being involved in the first UK project for Ruby was key. To be able to work with the Design and Operations teams at Ruby to come up with a solution for the kitchen, bar, servery areas and galley kitchens was an exciting and interesting opportunity. The finished product is something to be very proud of. We’ve established a great relationship with Ruby and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

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Blade Flooring

At Blade Flooring, we are specialists in the supply and installation of timber flooring, carpets, vinyl flooring and ceramic tiling.

In operation since April 2018, we boast a highly-skilled and proficient team capable of providing in-depth technical support in all disciplines. We have a wealth of experience completing projects across many sectors. Every project we work on is different and our team is driven to advise and adapt to ever changing design and delivery requirements. We have previously worked on student accommodations, high-end residential developments, offices, schools and healthcare facilities.

Recently, we were engaged at the Ruby Lucy Hotel. We were responsible for the supply and installation of timber flooring to the bedrooms and reception floor; carpets to the corridors; and vinyl flooring to the kitchen and stores. In addition, we supplied ceramic tiling to the bedroom en suite walls and floors, and to the communal lobbies and front of house toilets.

It was a fantastic opportunity to be involved with this project. As a company we take pride in the quality of our work, the strong working relationships we continually build with customers and clients, the speed of our work and our strong health and safety track record.

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Ruby Lucy

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