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Award-worthy design at La Vinnaire

La Vinnaire

The innovative conversion of a tomato packing shed into a stunning family home has won PF+A a nod at the upcoming Guernsey Design Awards.

Located in the beautiful Vale region, the two-storey development features a creative design that seamlessly combines the modern with the traditional. The family home has been designed to embody a historical architectural context whilst enabling open-plan living and a connection with external spaces.

As planning policies would only allow the conversion of the existing building, PF+A were faced with the challenge of creating a modern family home using a very basic structure. In order to make the development more appealing, the original large front opening has been glazed and the timber doors have been replaced with large sliding shutters.

La Vinnaire

In order to give the development a rustic barn style, traditional timber windows and doors have been added to the existing structure. Other materials used include: smooth render, steel and aluminium glazing.

A modern extension has also been added, which is almost entirely glass and is separated only by slate clad walls. The glass external walls slide across to open up the living space to the south-facing garden, making the property perfect for entertaining guests.

Sustainable features include high levels of insulation and solar panels.

Challenges during the construction phase included the demolition of the dilapidated greenhouses and a tight access track, which made manoeuvring large vehicles on to the site difficult.

La Vinnaire

On the ground floor there is large living room, study, sitting room and cloakroom, whilst further facilities include a changing room, utility room and a surfboard store. The first floor comprises four bedrooms and a TV/Playstation room for children that can be closed off by a large sliding wall.

Interestingly, a laundry chute runs from the first floor to the changing room. The changing room is a full wet room that is connected to the surfboard store and is perfect for changing after surfing, football and other sports. In addition, there is also a shower that connects the cloakroom to the changing room to enable the cloakroom to double as a shower room for guests.

Alex Whitmore, Director of PF+A, commented:

“This was a great project to be involved with as there are a lot of interesting design features. It was also a very successful project that was delivered on time by main contractors KTM Ltd, who were brilliant throughout.”

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