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Successful structures: Rewarding Lovell Ozanne

Guernsey Design Awards - Lovell Ozanne

For over fifty years Lovell Ozanne has provided the Channel Islands and the UK with a full range of high-quality architectural and surveying services. The company works on projects within the commercial, industrial, residential and retail sectors for Guernsey Gas Company Ltd and the island of Guernsey.

Lovell Ozanne is currently amongst the list of architects nominated for a prestigious accolade at the 2012 Guernsey Design Awards. Two of Lovell Ozanne’s projects – Sir John Leale Avenue and the Robin Roussel Sports Pavilion – have made the shortlist and it is an achievement that continues to excite those working within the industry.

Sir John Leale Avenue

Completed in 2010, the Sir John Leale Avenue project involved the redevelopment of an existing housing estate through the construction of 57 social housing units. The site comprises 48 single-storey rental units for the over 55’s and nine 2-bedroom family houses.

Guernsey Design Awards - Lovell Ozanne

Lovell Ozanne was appointed by the Guernsey Housing Association with JW Rihoy & Son Ltd being appointed as the Design & Build Contractor.

Lovell Ozanne Director, Andrew Merrett, said:

“Sir John Leale Avenue was a brown field site which previously contained a number of high-rise housing blocks. In conjunction with the client, the BRE and other members of the professional team we designed a series of units for the over 55’s.

“The units were designed to be eco friendly, providing extremely high levels of insulation and using triple glazed windows, solar panels and mechanical heat recovery systems. The scheme achieved its goals of providing very low energy costs, with units now averaging £350 – £450 per year.”

JW Rihoy & Sons Ltd Operations Director, Stewart Giles, said:

“The Guernsey Design Awards are vital for the island of Guernsey and it is very import that the industry recognises the skills that Guernsey has to offer.

“We worked very closely with Lovell Ozanne and Guernsey Housing Association to forge a really good team on the Sir John Leale Avenue project and the results speak for themselves.

“It is very rare that projects like this become public knowledge so it’s great that the industry is helping us to showcase what we can all do.”

Guernsey Design Awards - Lovell Ozanne

In order to speed up construction on the project, kitchens and bathrooms were built off-site by Hemway Podit and then delivered and installed prior to the installation of flooring.

JW Rihoy & Son Ltd Operations Director, Stewart Giles, said:

“The biggest challenge that we faced whilst working on Sir John Leale Avenue was the ground conditions. The ground was covered in a very thick layer of peat, so we had to use ground stabilisation prior to putting in the footings. Once this was completed, everything else ran smoothly.

“We then installed SIPs panels so that each unit was highly insulated and airtight to a value of 2. This made Sir John Leale Avenue the first project on the island to stipulate air tightness within its design.”

Stewart Giles added:

“JW Rihoy & Sons Ltd is one of the largest construction companies on the island. We’ve built up a strong client base and we work closely with each client to achieve a good end result.”

Lovell Ozanne Director, Andrew Merrett, said:

“Many challenges were overcome throughout the project by ensuring that all of the design team provided sufficient input into what was a very successful design.

“The icing on the cake for the whole team is being nominated in the Guernsey Design Awards.”

The Robin Roussel Sports Pavilion

Lovell Ozanne was appointed by Elizabeth College to design the Robin Roussel Sports Pavilion project on the facility’s Memorial Field. The project was completed in March 2010 and was named in honour of the late Robin Roussel, a sportsman and former pupil at the college.

Guernsey Design Awards - Lovell Ozanne

The Robin Roussel Sports Pavilion was funded by donations to the Elizabeth College Foundation Appeal, Old Elizabethans and friends of Elizabeth College. The pavilion comprises four separate changing rooms and an internal and external viewing area that overlooks the college’s sporting grounds.

Lovell Ozanne designed the pavilion to provide flexible changing room and shower facilities and to also meet the requirements of the college and its users.

The contemporary design of the pavilion features a dramatic concave roof which not only creates a striking visual feature to the building but also provides solar shading which helps to control heat gain from the extensive glazed areas.

F Watson & Son Limited was the main contractor for the Robin Roussel Sports Pavilion and they were supported by a team of local sub contractors.

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