Wester Waterlair is nominated for an Aberdeenshire Design Award

Aberdeenshire Design - Westerwaterlair

A unique art deco style house located in the Scottish countryside has been nominated for an Aberdeenshire Design Award.

Wester Waterlair was designed by Ashleigh Wilson of A B Roger and Young Architects in Brechin, Angus and the striking white four-bedroom house is located just outside the village of Fordoun in Aberdeenshire. The client wished for a house that reflected the art deco movement, and an existing derelict cottage on the site was subsequently demolished to incorporate the new build.

Externally the building is crisp white with smooth render and blue painted windows. The roof is monopitched at 5 degrees and hidden behind parapet walls so that it looks like a flat roof construction, whilst the garage also has an art deco style frontage.

Aberdeenshire Design - Westerwaterlair

Ashleigh Wilson, Architect at A B Roger and Young, commented:

“The client gave us a brief of what he wanted in terms of accommodation in the house and asked us to come up with a design that featured elements of the art deco movement. It was really just a matter of incorporating the main features of an art deco style house around the brief.”

Wester Waterlair boasts an open plan lounge and dining area with a double height entrance hall. Interesting architectural features include a circular entrance tower and an open plan curved staircase that wraps around the curved wall in the entrance space. Vertical proportioned windows run up the stairs, which adds to the light and spacious feel of the house.

Aberdeenshire Design - Westerwaterlair

The house also features a master bedroom with an en suite bathroom and a curved balcony, whilst there is also a small snug in the first floor tower. Sustainable features include a bio-mass boiler with a heat recovery system that circulates hot air, high levels of insulation and the absence of extract and trickle vents in the windows – which in turn ensures that all of the heat is re-circulated within the house.

Speaking about the project’s nomination for an Aberdeenshire Design Award, Ashleigh Wilson said:

“Although it wasn’t really designed with awards in mind, we are delighted to have been nominated for an Aberdeenshire Design Award. Main contractor Peterkin Homes Ltd from Auchenblae did an excellent job of finishing the house and it’s really unique for this area – there aren’t many people who build art deco- style houses these days!

Aberdeenshire Design - Westerwaterlair

“A lot of people have questioned how we managed to get a house like this in the countryside, but we were simply fortunate that the planning department decided to endorse a house of this nature due to its unique style. I think we were lucky that the planner we were dealing with liked the house and the art deco style and embraced our architectural innovation.

“We are very proud of this building because it is so unique and you don’t get the chance to design buildings like this very often. I may never have the opportunity to do one of these again, so it has been a rare and wonderful opportunity.”


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