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Additional houses in Kilmarnock: Dunsmuir Park Phase 7

Dunsmuir Park Phase 7 is currently under construction in Kilmarnock, bringing 49 additional housing units to the existing Dunsmuir Park development.

Dunsmuir Park Phase 7 comprises 49 housing units, consisting of a mix of detached and semi-detached properties. The houses on Dunsmuir Park are being funded by Taylor Wimpey who is also acting as the main contractor and architect on the project.

Work began on Dunsmuir Park Phase 7 in February 2011 and although work is still ongoing it has already been recognised with an NHBC Pride in the Job Award. Site manager, Martyn Campbell was awarded the accolade, and this marks the fourth time that he has received recognition from NHBC.

Taylor Wimpey Site Manager, Martyn Campbell, commented:

“Although this is not my first NHBC Award, it is still an honour to be continually recognised for my work and the work of my team. At Taylor Wimpey we conduct high quality work so an award like this highlights the effort that we put into each job. It is also good for our customers as they can see that the houses that we are building are being constructed to a very high standard.

“Every year we strive to get another NHBC Award, as once you have your first award you want to get another. This also helps us to continue to improve our work so that we are always delivering the best service possible.”

The housing units on Dunsmuir Park Phase 7 are being built from brick and block and will include concrete tiles on the roofs and UPVC windows and doors. Gardens will be included on each plot, whilst additional green areas have also been incorporated across the site to create children’s play areas.

Martyn Campbell added:

“To date, all of the work on Dunsmuir Park Phase 7 is on programme and so far we have completed 22 units with work on 27 units remaining.

“Dunsmuir Park has been under construction for some time in Kilmarnock and it is good to see that as we continue with this seventh phase of the development it remains as popular as ever. Dunsmuir Park continues to remain popular for new homeowners and we look forward to seeing it continuing to grow.”

Dunsmuir Park Phase 7 is due for completion in March 2013.

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