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Stamford Park restored

An extensive programme of works to renovate Stamford Park has reached completion.

Stamford Park is a Grade II listed site that is situated between the towns of Ashton-under-Lyne and Stalybridge. The park dates back to 1873 and is regarded as a much loved scenic area within the local community.

Throughout 2011 and into mid-2012, an extensive programme of works was undertaken to restore the Victorian heritage of the site whilst bringing the area up-to-date.

Following a series of consultations with local residents, Tameside MBC developed plans to enhance the existing features of the park in order to attract a greater cross-section of the community.

Work was completed in July 2012 and included the restoration of the children’s play area, floral gardens, duck pond, water feature, aviary, boating lake and bowling green. The Dingle – a popular walking area of the park – was also restored, and work was undertaken to repair the watercourses, rills and cascades, and stonework. The main footpath along the Dingle was also repaired in order to improve accessibility.

In addition to the physical works on the site, Tameside MBC also worked hard to increase staffing levels in Stamford Park and improve the range and quality of events and activities that take place at the site.

Casey Group was the main contractor for the refurbishment works, whilst LDA Design was the architect. The restoration of Stamford Park was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Tameside MBC.

Work began in January 2011 and initial works included the erection of protection fencing around vulnerable trees, which would remain in place throughout the duration of the works.

In February 2011 Casey Group set up their own compound within Stamford Park, which included the erection of storage areas to house plant and materials. Throughout February work was also undertaken to open up areas of the Dingle in order for masonry specialists to begin preparing rock work on the site.

Whilst work was undertaken on refurbishing Stamford Park, disruption was kept to a minimum –although some footpaths were closed. Where footpaths were out of use, temporary signage was installed to explain the ongoing works and to advise visitors of diversions.

As part of the restoration works, a new pavilion building was constructed in the park. The pavilion provides a central meeting point for visitors and includes a café and information point, along with community rooms and public toilets. The Park Manager’s office is also located within the pavilion.

The new pavilion was designed by OMI Architects and includes a number of energy-saving features such as a ground source heat pump and a green roof. The building features a brick and oak cladding exterior and includes glazed bespoke screens that double as an attractive feature and security measure.

Another highlight of the Stamford Park restoration project is the aviary, which houses a collection of birds and small animals. Work aimed to improve conditions for the animals and to improve access for both staff and visitors.

Stalybridge and Hyde MP, Jonathan Reynolds, said:

“Stamford Park has played an important part in the lives of generations of people who lived in Tameside – and the refurbishment has made sure it can be enjoyed by generations to come.

“There are some fantastic facilities, including a new pavilion and a modern aviary, but I was particularly pleased to get the chance to see the Dingle. I’d never been there before and it really was like going into an undiscovered world. It was beautiful.

“The Dingle was enjoyed by people taking a stroll more than 100 years ago, but now it has been restored I think it will be just as popular.

“A 60-strong team worked on the restoration of the park. Many of those who worked on the park live locally – and you could tell they had been working with their hearts as well as their hands. This has clearly been a labour of love.”

Mad About Trees Ltd

Mad About Trees is an Oldham based arboricultural business covering the North West area of the UK. With over years combined experience the company specialise in all aspects of planned maintenance, preservation and conservation. Work includes inspections, planning applications, conservation, felling, site clearances, crown thinning/reduction, pruning, chipping, stump grinding and much more.

All the work undertaken is carried out to the highest of standards by fully qualified arboriculturists following strict adherence to all legal requirements as stated in EC Directive BS 3998:2010 ‘Recommendations for Tree Work’. Mad About trees also offers a 24 Hour emergency call out service for both domestic and commercial clients. This 24 hour service is in place to help provide instant and effective relief for fallen trees that have caused damage or disruption to the local area.

Alongside our tree care services we have also undertaken a number of site clearance contracts for a number of different clients from both the private and public sector such as The Forestry Commission, The National Trust, Highways Agency, Local water authorities, local councils, schools, church associations, private housing associations, Metrolink, GMPTE and many more.

Mad About Trees is very conscientious about recycling the waste from its sites and this is why the company tries to make use of any waste it removes from its jobs, such as processing wood for log burners and chip for school play areas and farmyard animal bedding.

 Eskdale Roofing

Established in 1988, Eskdale Roofing specialise in the installation of hard metal roofing and cladding, using a variety of metals, including Zinc, Copper, Stainless Steel and Aluminium. Eskdale Roofing prides itself in the high quality of its work with the knowledge that each installed roof will remain fully functional for years to come.

Eskdale Roofing undertakes work across the country, from as far north as the Isle of Skye and Aberdeen through to Bath and London. Although the company’s work is mostly based in the UK, Eskdale Roofing has completed work abroad, including the installation of copper roofing on the Caribbean island of Mustique.

Eskdale Roofing has worked with many major construction companies and innovative architects and has completed an interesting range of projects, from a Victorian bandstand in Clydebank, to an organic farm building, a Buddhist Temple and The Robert Burns Mausoleum, to name but a few.

Regarding Stamford Park, Gary Buckley, Managing Director of Eskdale Roofing, explains;

“I was particularly keen to be involved with the project at Stamford Park. I am from Manchester, I know of the great history of the park, and I wanted to play a part in its rejuvenation.”

Utility Landscapes Ltd

For over five years external works contractor Utility Landscapes Ltd has conducted work on many landscaping projects, including such high profile operations as Manchester Royal Infirmary, Manchester Creative andMediaAcademyand the redevelopment of the Festival Gardens Site inLiverpool.

On the Stamford Park project, Utility Landscapes Ltd installed resin aggregate surfacing. The decorative surface-finish was installed across a number of key areas within the park.

Utility Landscapes Ltd Manager, Nick Davis, said:

“We have been in business for five years so we are still a relatively young company and working on projects such as Stamford Park is very important to us. Each job helps to raise our profile and although we encountered a few battles with the weather we persevered and completed the work to the highest standard.

“At Utility Landscapes Ltd we always do a good job and we are proud of the fact that we complete all of our work on time and within budget.”

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