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An intelligent way of heating

Intelligent heating- Intelli Heat- Radiator

Intelli Heat’s thermo-dynamic, fluid-filled electric radiators have launched in the UK.

The revolutionary new heating system provides a remote, wireless controlled radiator for each and every room of the house and can run for 12 hours off just three hours of electricity input.

Intelli Heat UK spokesperson, said:

“We believe our Intelli Heat electric heating system is a real revolution when it comes to energy saving. Pair it with a smart meter and not only can you monitor the overall energy usage of a domestic property, you can break it down into individual products such as the washing machine, the tumble dryer and even the kettle.

“Intelli Heat provides the perfect solution for stylish energy efficient, flexible and fully controllable electric central heating. We offer unrivalled programming & monitoring options and no plumbing is required.

“Intelli Heat the ideal application for all sectors of the property industry.”

The Intelli Heat system includes a handheld wireless controller (the My NEEDO) that displays real-time consumption from one appliance through to groups of devices. The device allows for remote programming of all connected electrical appliances and users have individual monitors for electric radiators and domestic devices.

Intelligent heating- Intelli Heat- Radiator Instalation

The My NEEDO is a wall-mounted monitor with LCD display that can control and monitor up to 50 electric heaters, grouping radiators and appliances by rooms, zones or type of product.

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