Apex Housing Group: Supporting local communities

As a leading name in housing association schemes, Apex Housing Group has certainly made its mark on projects throughout Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.

The group’s key areas of expertise include house & property management, accommodation construction and the provision of a dedicated care & support service and with over 3,000 units already completed throughout Northern Ireland the group continues to build on its impressive reputation.

Apex Housing is registered with the Department of Social Development and provides housing and support for those in need, catering from young and elderly people, to those living with mental health and learning difficulties. The group also prides itself on its provision of housing for people who require emergency shelter. In addition, Apex Housing’s accommodation stock also includes nursing accommodation and hostels.

Apex Housing Group employs over 500 members of staff and is responsible for a range of accommodation and mixed tenure developments. The group views the need to provide residents with low cost home ownership options as vital for providing a full service to its tenants.

Current Apex projects include Tigers Bay in Belfast, a 10 unit terrace house development; and Church Bay in Rathlin Island, a 10 unit semi-detached housing development. Tigers Bay is being constructed on Limestone Road and Hallidays Road in Belfast and comprises six, three-bedroom houses and four, two-bedroom houses, with a completion date set for January 2013. Meanwhile, Church Bay comprises seven, three-bedroom houses and three, two-bedroom houses and is scheduled to reach completion in March 2013.

In addition, Apex Housing Group is also working hard to complete the Rinmore Re-improvement Scheme which is currently taking place in Derry. Prior to work taking place on the scheme The Housing Executive transferred 38 dwellings in Creggan to Apex Housing Association for the purpose of improving the units. As part of the scheme Apex Housing Association has offered tenants the choice of two or three-bedroom houses to meet their individual housing requirements.

The Rinmore Re-improvement Scheme is being conducted in five phases and with work already complete on Phase One the second phase of works is currently underway.

Apex Housing Group always strives to ensure that its dwellings meet the needs of its tenants so has a dedicated property services department which includes a planned preventative and response maintenance programme.

The programme is in place to protect and enhance the value of each property and key elements include response maintenance – a day-to-day repair service; planned maintenance – a contract refurbishment service; and cyclical maintenance – which include internal and external painting, equipment servicing and grounds maintenance works. In addition, the programme also includes miscellaneous maintenance, a service which takes into account fire precautions, asbestos management and other important aspects of health and safety.

As well as providing services that maintain the life of each property Apex Housing Group is also interested in maintaining the well being of all its tenants. As part of this dedication, Apex Housing Group works hard to reduce anti-social behaviour across its accommodation portfolio, so that all its residents can live in a safe and friendly environment.

Although Apex Housing Group’s work takes place largely in Northern Ireland the group is involved with a number of schemes abroad. Since 2001, Apex Housing Association has worked with international charity Children in Crossfire (CIC) to fund a variety of projects taking place in Kenya and Tanzania.

Projects include Makutano in Kenya, which comprised the construction of a dam, a community food store and community centre; and more recently Milwaleni in Tanzania, which comprised construction of a community clinic and accommodation for clinic staff. In 2011, Apex also provided funding for the inclusion of solar panels on the clinic and accommodation unit.

All of the projects that form Apex Housing Group’s charitable work are carried out by the local community and a representative for CIC, whilst funding is raised by staff and tenant fundraising activities and donations.

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McAdam Design

McAdam Design is one of the largest independent multi-disciplinary consultancy practices working in Northern Ireland. The practice was established in 1963 and is involved with a range of disciplines, from architecture, civil engineering, structural engineering and project management to environmental work and CDM co-ordination.

McAdam Design has provided services for a number of high profile projects, including New University of Ulster Belfast Campus, Peace Bridge Londonderry and the 50m Olympic Pool & Leisure complex in Bangor. In addition, McAdam Design is the project manager, architect and CDM co-ordinator on the Apex New Build framework and Apex Major Minor frameworks.

Current projects for Apex Housing Association include Clara Street in Belfast and Rosemount in Londonderry, whilst for Trinity Housing Association projects include Ballynoe Road in Downpatrick and Mourne Hospital in Kilkeel.

McAdam Design does not believe in ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions and ensures that an open-minded and appropriate response is developed for every project. The practice’s flexibility is combined with sensitivity to the relevant environment, be that rural, urban, built or natural. McAdam Design’s approach ensures sustainable solutions and excellent value engineering, whilst at the same time provides innovation from experience and embraces whole-life costs.


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