Efficient power in Pembrokeshire

Pembroke Power Station- UK’s largest combined cycle power plant (CCPP)

Work to construct the UK’s largest combined cycle power plant (CCPP) has been completed.

Pembroke B Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP) is a brand new facility, in Pembroke, Wales. The € 1 billion facility was constructed on the site of a former oil-fired power station and was completed in September 2012.

Alstom Power was the main contractor on the project, whilst funding for the development was provided by RWE nPower. Alstom is a key player in the power plant construction industry and has already built 20 gas-fired power plants across the UK, producing approximately 12GW.

Michael Scott, Alstom Power, said:

“This project demonstrates Alstom’s capability to deliver efficient and clean integrated power solutions close to an environmentally protected area.

Pembroke Power Station- UK’s largest combined cycle power plant (CCPP)

“The new Pembroke CCPP is one of the most modern combined cycle power plants with a low-carbon power generation. These new, more efficient and cleaner power plants contribute to reducing the amount of CO₂ emitted into the atmosphere and allow low and part load operations in compliance with strict environmental regulations.”

Pembroke B CCPP has a capacity of up to 2,160MW – enough to supply energy to three million homes – and will reduce the average annual CO₂ emissions by up to 10 million tonnes, when compared with a coal-fired power station. Pembroke B CCPP uses a single shaft configuration and each combined cycle unit includes a GT26 gas turbine, an HRSG, one reheat type STF30C steam turbine, one TOPGAS generator and the ALSPA Plant Control System.

The new CCPP is the seventh KA26 project in the UK, following Staythorpe and Grain in 2007; and Langage, Shoreham, Coryton and Enfield in 2006, 2000, 1999 and 1997 respectively.

Michael Scott said:

“Construction was carried out at an accelerated pace, which presented many challenges to the team and logistics had to be carefully considered. Constructability and execution methodology played a huge part of the project due to the plant configurations – something unique to the Alstom design.

“Getting the heavy oversized cargo onto the site was also very challenging, especially as the cargo came in by both road and sea transport. The various consignments were transported and offloaded at site, with some items having a transportation weight of 300 tons.

Pembroke Power Station- UK’s largest combined cycle power plant (CCPP)

“The project execution also faced many challenges in the field of industrial relations and as a result both Alstom and various Trade Unions worked together in an exemplary manner throughout the life of the project.”

Whilst work was being conducted on the site, both RWE nPower and Alstom worked very hard to ensure that the local community did not suffer any major disruptions during construction. RWE nPower limited the visual impact that the new plant would have on the area by implementing a design that took into consideration the colour, height and location of the facility, whilst Alstom updated the local community on the project’s progress and conducting a number of charity initiatives.

Michael Scott said:

“Becoming an active member of the community was a priority for Alstom from the beginning and a crucial reason behind the Pembroke project’s success.

“It was important to Alstom that the community felt as much a part of the project as those on the site, so regular updates were given keeping the local people informed of our activities.

“Working closely with RWE’s community programme, Alstom played a significant role in supporting community activities wherever possible. One of the highlights included the annual Alstom sponsored ‘Charity Challenge’ fundraising event, which took place in July 2012 where over £15,800 was raised for local organisations. The challenge ran for three years under Alstom’s sponsorship and raised a total in excess of £50,000 for the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI) and Wales Air Ambulance.

Pembroke Power Station- UK’s largest combined cycle power plant (CCPP)

“In addition, throughout the course of the project, individual donations and sponsorships totalling over £25,000 were made to local clubs and charities.”

During peak construction 1,500 people were employed on the Pembroke B Combined Cycle Power Plant project and now that it is fully operational the facility will create approximately 100 permanent positions.

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