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Heating with Needo

NEEDO - Heating

Needo is a new, exciting energy efficient radiator which incorporates the latest ACS technology.

The NEEDO electric heating system includes a handheld wireless controller (the My NEEDO) – which displays real-time energy consumption – and offers users the ability to monitor the power usage of each individual radiator or zone.

NEEDO offers unrivalled programming and monitoring options and as no plumbing is required installation is inexpensively simple. The range – which comes in 3 different styles – is available in a choice of 6 power outputs and 9 colours and has already been featured on TV’s 60 Minute Makeover.

NEEDO is the European brand of Zoppas Industries; a spokesperson for Zoppas Industries, said:
“A few years ago, Zoppas realised that the majority of electric radiators for which we were producing components were essentially adaptations of traditional wet systems and we set about designing a ‘pure’ electric system where everything was geared around the fact that it was electrically controlled.

“Not only is the look of the radiators important, but the energy efficiency too. In a world where we are all encouraged to become ‘greener’ NEEDO is the obvious choice. Think how much you could save by reducing your electricity consumption by 25%.”

NEEDO is a leader in the manufacture of heating elements and electronics for domestic and industrial applications and invests heavily in research and development.

For more information on NEEDO please visit: or call 0845 163 0055.

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