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IPPI Europe and PM David Cameron Promote British Business in the Gulf

David Cameron- IPPI Europe

Prime Minister David Cameron joined the Improved Piping Products Europe team in promoting British business when he visited The Big 5 International Building and Construction Show in Dubai.

Grant Phipps, Managing Director Europe, said:

“The Prime Minister attended the event in Dubai to promote British business to the region. It was an honour to meet him and the show was a great success, proving there is huge interest in British trade and industry.”

IPPI Europe, located near Cheltenham, is part of IPPI Inc, a Texan-based company and sole manufacturer of the breakthrough IPP Deltaflex® backup ring and slip-on welded flange.

The lightweight, low carbon, reliable pipe products have been used by major European piping companies since 1998, serviced by a central European distribution centre in Hamburg, and the new UK office builds on this success.

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