Airdrie Police Station

As part of the Strathcylde police capital building work, Airdrie Police Station is being given a little more than a lick of paint.

The station based in the Airdrie town centre has long been in need of a serious upgrade and in May this year work began to bring the station up to standard.

Gardiner and Theobold are managing the project and the main contractor is Morris and Spottswood.

Worth near to £1 million, the project is based within an existing sub-divisional police office and is due to be completed by early 2013.

On the refurbishment, Alistair McKenzie from the Strathclyde Joint Police Board said:

“Effectively what we’re doing is replacing the electrical infrastructure and amending the layout to provide a more efficient space, taking all the opportunities to upgrade everything to current standards.

“All the electrical wiring is being replaced and we’re doing brickwork and plasterboard partitions internally.

“We’ve also knocked down a number of external buildings to create more parking, it’s all about trying to make more efficient use of the space that we do have.

“We had a very cellular building previously with lots of people working in different rooms so we’ve tried to create a more open plan space, as far as possible, within the building.

“In the end, it will allow better communication with the staff within the building and the facilities will be much improved with new toilets and showers.”

A key element within the project has been to try and reduce carbon emissions, as police stations do fall under the carbon reduction scheme and can therefore face penalties if their carbon footprint is large. Therefore insulation has been brought up to the highest possible standards in addition to a modern ventilation system being installed.

Speaking about the strains of having a working police station host an ambitious refurbishment, Alistair added:

“There has had to be quite a close working relationship between the contractor and the police officers, I wouldn’t call it a problem but it’s been a difficulty.

“It’s just cooperation between the two parties – it’s been a difficult thing to achieve but it’s been done very well.”

On the benefits to the local community, Alistair said:

“For the community this project will mean happier police officers.

“With the police reform going on in Scotland just now there might be concern that some of the police stations might be closing, but because we are spending a significant amount of money it will show the community a commitment to the area.

“I think there is that reassurance that we are not going anywhere.”

On the contractors he added:

“Gardiner and Theobold have been excellent and the service they have provided for us has been particularly good, and we have dealt with Morris and Spottswood on many occasions and find them to be an excellent contractor, they have lived up to that expectation.”

Gardiner and Theobold are an independent global consultancy offering a range of services to the construction and property industry.

Morris and Spottswood offer fit-out, housing and maintenance work, bespoke joinery, flooring, mechanical and electrical works.

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