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In the spotlight: Revival Corporate Cleaning Ltd

Revival Corporate Cleaning Ltd (RCC)

Owned and managed by David & Ross Cumplen, Revival Corporate Cleaning Ltd (RCC) provides restoration and cleaning services, whilst maintaining a technical and operational expertise that is world-class.

RCC is discreet about its clients – suffice to say they include world-renown addresses and global brands.

Using well established and fully endorsed systems, RCC are specialists in restoring carpeting where traditional cleaning methods have dulled colours and flattened the pile. RCC systems allow full usage immediately post cleaning, meaning minimal disruption and no loss of facilities for both clientele and establishment.

The hospitality industry is stringent when seeking environmental accreditations and testing the claims of service companies, so RCC meets these challenges in two ways. Firstly, the company hold the foremost environmental accreditation ISO 9001, as well as the WoolSafe® Operator Certificate. Secondly, and most convincingly, they offer trial demonstrations on client premises to prove they deliver their claims and more.

From the moment the RCC team arrives on site, the professionalism is apparent, from the immaculate vehicles to the pristinely presented technicians. Once the cleaning process commences, the transformation begins, extending the life of carpets and furnishings by maintaining their original aesthetic appearance, which in turn extends replacement periods and reduces capital budgets.

For more information about Revival Corporate Cleaning Ltd, or to arrange a demonstration, please visit:

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