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In the spotlight: Timberplay

Timberplay- Distorting Mirror

If you are looking for a fresh perspective you need look no further than Timberplay who have just introduced a selection of distorting mirrors perfect for adding a playful element to any public space.

Robustly constructed with a timber frame and double sided, high-gloss polished stainless steel mirrored surface, the mirrors can be used individually, or in a group to create a real focal point.

Paul Collings, Managing Director at Timberplay commented:

“These robust products evoke memories of the old fashioned hall of mirrors and are attractive to everyone, from the very young to the very old. It is this wide appeal that makes these products particularly suitable for many public spaces, for example, schools, leisure areas, foyers and waiting areas, such as transport exchanges.”

The Distorting Mirror allows observers to experience their own body in completely different shapes and figures. Convex, concave or a mixture of the two, the Distorting Mirror provides both young and old with a variety of possibilities to explore themselves with an unusual appearance.

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