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New Mizuwari Bar- Soho- london

Located within the basement of Soho-based restaurant Bincho Yakitori, Mizuwari Bar is a fantastic new bar which serves some of the best Japanese whiskies available in the UK.

Mizuwari Bar can seat between 25 and 35 guests, creating an intimate drinking destination, and is the perfect accompaniment to the existing restaurant.

Commenting on the new bar, Mizuwari Bar Owner, David Miney, said:

“I lived in Japan for three years, so upon returning to the UK I was quite keen to replicate the types of bars and restaurants that I visited whilst living abroad. As a fan of whisky it soon became apparent to me that a whisky bar would be a great accompaniment to Bincho Yakitori, so we decided that the basement would be the perfect location.

New Mizuwari Bar- Soho- london

“Prior to its transformation the basement was just a surplus area of the restaurant which we would open up during busy nights. It was in late 2012, around October/November time that we decided to make better use of this area of the restaurant, so we looked at various designs in order to make the bar a reality.

“After deciding this could be a possible new venture we spoke to customers and suppliers in order to gage some interest. I then spoke to Suntory, the leading whisky distillery in Japan and after expressing their desire to move further into the UK market they collaborated with us on the design.”

David added:

“When it came to the design of Mizuwari Bar we decided not to appoint an architect, as we had specific ideas ourselves. We wanted Mizuwari Bar to appear as if it had always been a part of the restaurant; our main aim was to create a bar that looked ‘lived in’.

New Mizuwari Bar- Soho- london

“To enhance this idea further we deliberately did not fit any external signage outside the restaurant. Instead we wanted Mizuwari Bar to build a strong customer base from word of mouth, making the bar into a great little secret destination.”

Mizuwari Bar can be accessed via a small staircase situated at the rear of Bincho Yakitori. Upon entry into Mizuwari, guests are greeted by a bar containing a stunning array of whiskies, including some not available anywhere else in the UK.

The design of Mizuwari Bar includes Japanese oak and art deco lighting. Meanwhile an interesting feature of the bar is the Bottle Keep; a system very popular in Japan which allows guests to buy an entire bottle which is then kept under lock and key until they want to drink it.

David said:

“The feedback for Mizuwari Bar has been great; in fact people come into the restaurant and make a beeline for the bar, so we know that it is popular with our guests. A lot of people are surprised at how good Japanese whisky is and this is what brings them back. Our cocktail list has proved particularly popular and shown the versatility of Japanese Whisky.

New Mizuwari Bar- Soho- london

“This new bar has been a labour of love for all concerned. We are big fans of Japanese whisky and we want to share that appreciation with our guests.”

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