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Extending the Carrel Ward

Nottingham’s University Hospital is making great progress in extending and refurbishing its Carrel Ward to make it same-sex friendly.

The refurbishment of the renal ward, which began back in November last year, and is due to be completed in November this year, is estimated at a value of £1.2million. The main contractor for the renovation project is J Tomlinson, whilst CGP is providing all architectural services on the project.

J Tomlinson is a professional company with extensive experience within the public sector. The company specialise in planned and reactive maintenance for commercial properties.

The renovation will have a major benefit for the patients as there will be more space for each patient, which will in turn provide a more comfortable stay. Also, with the extension of the ward, patients will be treated more efficiently with the facilities being able to accommodate same sex patients. The hospital will also be able to treat critical patients saving vital time, instead of the patient having to be moved to another ward.

The interior refurbishment comprises the extension of Carrel Ward, which is located inside of Nottingham University Hospital. Once work is completed the ward will provide a wider space for each of the patients, and will transform the existing six-bed area inside of the ward, into four-bed private en suite rooms.

With the hospital remaining open throughout the course of the project, access to the site has been challenging. However through careful planning and good communication the project continues to make good progress.

Matt Griffiths, Senior Project Manager, said;

“The refurbishment of the Carrel Ward is a very important team project for the Nottingham University Hospital, and will largely benefit the patients and staff, especially with them being able to tend to critically ill patients.”

Matt added:

“This project continues to remain on schedule and we look forward to seeing it reach a successful completion later this year.”

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