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Kent welcomes new waste disposal facility

New Ashford Waste Transfer Centre

A much needed Waste Transfer Centre has opened for business in Ashford.

Replacing a much older facility in the same location, the £3million centre is set to centralise waste disposal services across the region.

Work has been underway on the new centre since September last year and following a successful build, was opened in July.

“We are very proud with the end result”, says Contracts Manager Dave Cook. “By having a transfer station it means that the local council can drop the waste and it can then be loaded onto bulk articulated Lorries and transported to landfill.

“This is much more economical as the Lorries can carry up to 23tonnes and travel much farther distances.

“Waste will be transported from the new site to Harrington Incinerator which is a waste and energy plant.”

New Ashford Waste Transfer Centre

At nearly 30,000sqft, the Ashford site is the biggest waste disposal facility in the borough. “It is a flagship site for Ashford, the design is really an evolution of what we have been working on over the years”, said Dave.

The building has been constructed using concrete foundations, a steel portable frame with cladding and granite flooring. An administration building has also been constructed onsite using traditional brick and block methods.

The new facility also includes access roads, new commercial and public access points, weigh bridges and improved storm and foul water systems.

Whilst the new facility was under construction a temporary site was set up in Brunswick Road on the Cobbs Wood Industrial Estate. Minimal disruption was caused by the development and residents are said to be happy with the new centre.

“Generally the public reaction has been welcoming; they think that it is great. The council is also happy with the end result”, says Dave.

When asked how the project progressed, Dave added: “It progressed very smoothly; main contractors J Breheny Contractors did a great job.”

Breheny Contractors have over 30 years experience in the delivery of waste management and recycling construction projects. During this time the company has worked with many of the major waste management companies and numerous local and regional authorities.

New Ashford Waste Transfer Centre

A spokesperson from Breheny Contractors said: “Our project experience includes frameworks and standalone projects, while our reputation for efficient and cost effective works, within this sector, has frequently seen us return to the same site for further phases of work.

“We have undertaken projects ranging from the construction of waste transfer stations and household waste recycling centres to anaerobic digestion facilities and landfill engineering projects.”

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