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Belgium’s school for butlers


Belgium butlers- Brussels

Belgium’s first school for butlers has opened its doors in Brussels.

The School for Butlers & Hospitality offers a four-week training course allowing wannabe butlers to learn the profession. It’s a first for Belgium: “Until now, this type of course was only offered in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands or the United States”, said Vincent Vermeulen, the man behind the Belgian school.

Not only do we offer the highest standard in traditional British butler courses but we also prepare our students to face challenges of the modern international household”, the school’s website explained.

Vincent Vermeulen graduated from the hotel school Ter Duinen in Koksijde and worked as a butler abroad.

Vincent said: “Belgium has so much to offer on an international level. We have our top-notch gastronomy, and we also host several big organisations like NATO and the European Parliament. This brings a lot of opportunities for our students. We can offer a traditional butlering course, but also courses for embassy staff. We have been officially recognised by the London’s British Butler Institute.”

Belgium butlers- Brussels

The school offers traditional skills, but also focuses on the latest technologies like tablet computers.The training takes just four weeks at a cost of 6,980 Euros.

Vincent said: “If you bear in mind that a starting butler can earn up to 50,000 euros per year and a senior butler up to 120,000 euros, then it’s worth the investment. Also the field trips to luxury brands, in Belgium and abroad are included (such as a renowned champagne house in France).”

The school also offers the possibility to hire a butler for one day and an exclusive concierge service. 

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