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Manchester235 raises the steaks

Manchester 235 Casino, James Martin

Guests making a visit to Manchester235 Casino over the past few months will have certainly noticed a few changes taking place at their favourite gaming destination.

Earlier in the year the casino unveiled its stunning new bar, the Vega Lounge, whilst more recently its new restaurant, James Martin Manchester made its grand debut.

Spearheaded by celebrity chef James Martin, the new restaurant officially fired up its ovens on Thursday the 26th September 2013. With tables fully booked from day one, James Martin Manchester continues to prove that Mancunians love fine dining and a great night out.

Commenting on his new restaurant at Manchester235 Casino, James Martin, said:

“Over the last few months, there has been a definitive shift in Manchester’s restaurant scene and I couldn’t wait to add the James Martin Manchester in to the mix this autumn. I’ve always been keen to work in Manchester but previous opportunities haven’t been quite right.”

James added:

“I’ve worked on the menus with the team, and our main focus is on modern British cuisine.”

Manchester 235 Casino, James Martin

Work started on the new restaurant on the 2nd September, refurbishing and replacing a former restaurant at the casino. The creation of the new restaurant was a moment of serendipity for Manchester235, as Dan Kelly, F&B Manager for the casino, explained:

“The restaurant was never set for refurbishment. One of our sister units closed with James’s kitchen in it, so when the opportunity came up for us to bring him on board, the refurbishment was born.

“There is so much going on in Manchester at the moment, we always aim to ensure that we maintain our place within the market. James is a passionate guy and the design of James Martin Manchester reflects this.”

Shaun Doyle, Estates and Property Consultant for London Clubs, was instrumental in the development of James Martin Manchester. Shaun worked closely with James Martin’s team in order to present an original, yet traditional design.

Shaun, said:

“James is known for his good wholesome food as well as his use of local produce and when the brief came across from the James Martin team it said that they wanted the new restaurant to be rustic, maybe a bit eclectic.

Manchester 235 Casino, James Martin

“This was the direction we were given, so I started putting pieces together to come up with ideas which could work for this restaurant. Working with R&B Projects I selected items which would reflect the backdrop of this beautiful Victorian building to give the venue a traditional feel.”

A unique feature of the restaurant is the walk-in aging fridge, which replaces a former wine cellar. The aging fridge is of a 1930s-style and is a very visual element to the restaurant, with hanging sides of 35-day aged beef displayed behind a butcher’s shop window.

Additional highlights of the restaurant include a feature wall and the use of traditional furniture, with existing seating reupholstered to give it a new lease of life.

Commenting on the addition of the new restaurant to the casino, Manchester235 Venue Director, Justin Carter, said:

“Manchester235 has been in the Great Northern Warehouse for close to seven years now and as a gaming destination, we have gone from strength to strength, providing the best offering in the city.

“We are extremely excited to welcome James to our team at Manchester235. A chef of his talent and profile is exactly what we envisaged for the restaurant moving forward and we believe the dining experience that James delivers really puts the James Martin Manchester on the map.

“As a venue, we have worked hard to bring our food and drink offering in line with the quality of our gaming and with the arrival of James, and our new bar Vega Lounge, we believe we have done this.”

Vega Lounge is a stunning new bar which opened at the casino in July, following a six week makeover. Previously known as Fusion Bar, Vega Lounge has transformed the casino’s bar area to create a very functional space that can easily cater for the high volume of guests entering Manchester235 each day.

Manchester 235 Casino, James Martin

Vega Lounge is a modern bar which is very much in keeping with what guests would expect from a bar of its kind. Vega Lounge includes contemporary seating, a large screen displaying sporting events, and is the perfect spot to grab a drink between games.

The installation of the new bar and restaurant at Manchester235 are clear signs the casino is continuing to excel in the gaming entertainment industry. With future refurbishment work in the pipeline, all designed to offer guests the best experience possible, the steaks continue to be raised in Manchester.

Manchester235 is the North West’s premier entertainment and gaming destination. Located in the Great Northern Warehouse, this spectacular Vegas-style casino offers an unrivalled evening of entertainment, boasting multiple floors of gaming.

Open 24/7, Manchester235 Casino is a unique party destination, featuring lavish décor, the new James Martin Manchester restaurant, a chic cocktail bar, a luxurious multi-use private event suite, a spacious poker lounge and a multitude of gaming facilities.

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