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Harrods escalator

On 4th November, luxury department store Harrods is set to unveil a brand new state-of-the-art escalator as part of a multi-million pound refurbishment, providing opulent access to its seven retail floors of exquisite collections.

Qatar Holding, owners of Harrods since their take over in 2010, are investing in this stunning new escalator, refreshing the inside of their Knightsbridge store, enhancing the historic building and ultimately their customers experience.

Qatar Holding LLC is a global investment house, established in 2006, which invests internationally and locally in strategic, private and public property. The company has an impressive portfolio containing high profile projects which span over 30 countries.

Inspired by the original architecture of the Knightsbridge store, Harrods has delved into its archives in search of material to support the new concept. The design of the escalator responds to the historic beauty of the building, integrating a myriad of detail to produce what will become future heritage of retail’s most prestigious establishment.

Harrods escalator

Make, the international awarding winning architecture firm, have joined forces with Harrods and drawn on UK craftsmen whilst locating materials from across Europe to bring their impressive and prestigious design to life.

Uniquely British made bronze-dipped copper escalator cladding and stunning lighting globes on the restored, listed staircase will beautifully contrast the specially sourced Portuguese limestone, and Italian and Slovenian marble walls.

Cutting edge technology has been seamlessly incorporated into the design with six giant HD LCD video advertising walls alongside intelligent escalator mechanics to maximise energy efficiency. Customers are transported into the ultimate shopper’s world with appealing advertisement images broadcast to them on giant screens looming over the escalator entrances and exits.

World-renowned glass sculptor, Dale Chihuly, is the designer behind the landmark chandelier which is to feature alongside the escalator. Flown in especially from USA, this piece de resistance is to reside in the new Grand Hall entrance on the Ground Floor.

Harrods escalator

This unique installation for Harrods demonstrates new and imaginative design methods used by the American designer. Its vibrant golden colour will be offset by the opaqueness of the glass against the backdrop of the bronze-clad escalator and limestone walls, creating an aesthetic marvel for the most discerning of art aficionados.

The luxury London store is one of the world’s largest and most famous department stores, with more than 15 million customers walking through Harrods’ door each year. Recognised by its celebrity endorsed sales and signature green bags, the store is highly regarded as having established a global notoriety.

Over the years Harrods has transformed from a tea trading shop to a trendsetting globally renowned store. Since Harrods founder, Charles Henry Harrod, opened up his tea counter in 1849 the undeniable success has seen the store expand to a department store offering customers an indulgent array of products. These offerings are available from over 330 departments including those known as the Toy Kingdom, The Perfumery Hall, The Fine Jewellery Room and The Food Hall.

Known for its grandeur, the impressive Knightsbridge store spanning 5 acres of department space boasts an impressive frontage clad in terracotta tiles, adorned with cherubs and topped with a baroque-style dome.

Harrods featured one of the world’s first escalators back in 1898, this latest impressive design and structure is set to be a huge contrast to the original escalator that once proudly stood in its place. Back in 1898 on that iconic November day, customers flocked to the store, with those of a faint hearted nature being offered Cognac and smelling salts.

Speaking about the stunning new escalator, Harrods Managing Director, Michael Ward, said:

“When Harrods owners, Qatar Holding, took over the business in May 2010, they publicly declared their desire to ‘upgrade the monument’ that is Harrods for all its customers.

Harrods escalator

“This latest investment reaffirms their commitment to maintaining Harrods’ status as Britain’s greatest retail destination, and our customers can look forward to an optimised shopping experience.”

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