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Fhoss is illuminated!

Fhoss-  high visibility garments for the construction industry.

Fhoss Technology, a supplier in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), has announced the launch of its full range of high visibility garments for the construction industry.

The Weston-super-Mare South West based company have released this product in a bid to keep its workers safe when working in complete darkness. The technology is a big development when compared to previous standard PPE that has been around for a long time. The company, which designed, manufactured and patented the product, have created items of clothing that actively emits light. Unlike standard protective clothing, which reflects off an additional light source, Fhoss products work through the presence of a battery operated electroluminescent core. The tape illuminates even when no ambient light is available.

The new PPE products were the Fhoss CEO’s, Andy Kimitri, brainchild; he wanted to the standard PPE which had previously been unchanged for over 50 years. Kimitri, added: “Safety sits at the forefront of our agenda. Traditional PPE works well with the presence of ambient light but it is of no use in darkness or in bad weather conditions. By introducing Fhoss to the PPE arena, we pledge to help bring about a change in culture for the way in which construction companies protect their workers. We believe strongly that our technology has the capability to save lives.”

Underpaying staff breeds resentment – survey uncovers New research from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has shown that construction businesses that pay less than the National Minimum Wage could lose workers, as well as their reputation.

Fhoss-  high visibility garments for the construction industry.

The survey findings come as Government begins to ramp up their ‘name and shame’ scheme which disgraces employers who do not pay employees the National Minimum wage.

The findings shoåw that eight out of ten people would not use the services of a business if they found it paid less than National Minimum Wage to its staff. The survey also revealed that almost 80% of people would encourage family and friends to do the same.

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