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Journeaux Court & Clos de Paradis, Jersey

Throughout the island of Jersey, Style Group has gained an enviable reputation amongst its peers for its involvement with numerous prolific projects.

Over the years, Style Group has continued to expand its portfolio and services and currently caters for its clients via six separate divisions: Style Windows, Style Homes, Style Office, Style Shopfitting, AC Mauger Special Projects and AC Mauger Construction.

AC Mauger Construction has completed many interesting projects across Jersey, including a scheme to refurbish and provide new building housing in Clos de Paradis, la Pouquelaye, St Helier; and the recently completed fourth phase of the Journeaux Court States Housing development.

Journeaux Court & Clos de Paradis, Jersey

Journeaux Court

Journeaux Court is a States of Jersey housing development which is being constructed in phases. The fourth phase of the project – which was built on the site of a previously demolished building between Phase 1 and 3 – comprises nine, one-bedroom apartments. The apartments are situated in a three-storey building, with three apartments per floor.

AC Mauger is proud to be part of this very attractive development and is grateful to the client, professional team, subcontractors and suppliers that have all played an integral part in making it such a successful project.

This project was very important; it was good to be part of the town regeneration and be able to provide additional States Homes for the elderly within the community.”

The new apartment building was constructed from a blockwork frame, with insitu concrete floors with permanent metal decking and an external sand cement render. The building also includes hardwood timber sash windows, a Renolit single ply membrane, a slate Mansard roof and reconstituted stone parapet copings.

Journeaux Court & Clos de Paradis, Jersey

The project also included associated external works, which included parking, paving and refuse storage, and the extension of existing boundary walls. Commenting on the need for the new parking area, Neal said:

The site did not cater for parking; the residential area contained mainly residents parking and a few pay spaces.”

In order to install the parking and paved area, a lawn space and laundry block was removed, along with two sycamore trees.

Discussing the project’s importance to the community, Neal said:

It will provide much needed additional modern, warm and affordable housing for the elderly within St. Helier.”

Journeaux Court & Clos de Paradis, Jersey

 Clos de Paradis

The 50-week contract for Clos de Paradis ran from 5th March 2012 to 14th February 2013. AC Mauger Construction was the main contractor for the project, whilst the project team included Andrew d’Avoine representing the architects Morris Architects, structural engineer Rob O’Brien of Rothwells and quantity surveyor Mark Liron of Colin Smith Partners.

The contracted works consisted of total refurbishment of eight houses with the scope of work including new roofing, windows, internal walls and staircases; new kitchens, bathrooms and built-in storage; and new floor finishes and doors and insulated render to the properties. Two storey extensions were erected to the rear of the properties, whilst external work included gardens, paving, brick paved driveways, garden walls, entrance canopies, meeting system and total new electrics, plumbing and fencing.

The new build housing aspect of the project consisted of the construction of fourteen units in three different house types.

A priority of the project was to allow easier access from la Pouquelaye, so the entrance to the estate was completely revamped with several retaining granite faced walls and granite pillars. This work was carried out during the summer holidays of 2012 and involved La Pouquelaye road being closed for the duration. It was imperative to complete this work during a limited time frame so careful planning – which began more than four months before commencement – was required by the project team.

During the works AC Mauger Construction worked in existing, occupied rear gardens of some of the houses, in order to create a new 90 metre long RC curved wall in close proximity to many of the houses. This area of the project also required careful planning from AC Mauger to fence off the working space to provide privacy for the tenants and safety on the site. Good communication with all the tenants was required so that they could move their possessions away from this working area.

Journeaux Court & Clos de Paradis, Jersey

Another aspect to the project was the provision of totally new infrastructure works to the estate, which included new mains drainage, JEC mains cables and a new substation, new water mains and new telecom cables. As all this work was carried out in the roads of the estate, and access for existing tenants and emergency vehicles had to be maintained at all times, planning was once again essential.

To complete the project a new road layout was created, new footpaths added and new street lighting was installed, together with planting to communal areas and the protection of existing trees around the estate.

AC Mauger, Morris Architects and the Clos de Paradis Trust dealt with the challenges of the quantity of infrastructure works by providing careful and constant communication with the existing residents primarily in the form of letters informing each resident of the works and how it could affect them as the project progressed. The team constantly strived to make all the tenants of Clos de Paradis a part of the experience rather than just living on a building site.

AC Mauger Project Manager, Tim Marsh, was the point of contact for all the residents and made his site office available for residents to visit and meet with him to discuss any issues or concerns. “It was important to us that the tenants knew that the project team had the same end goals and ethos as they did,” he said. “We were all working to ensure that the project ran smoothly and that the end result was a much improved living environment.”

It was also important that we managed the health and safety aspects of working in a live, occupied estate,” said James Joseph, Construction Director for AC Mauger. “We had to maintain segregation between the residents and live working areas whilst still continuing to provide constant access through the entire estate,” he added.

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